Gun Rights Organization President Jokes About Beating Wife To Reporter

The DC Chronicle reached out to the President of the National Association for Gun Rights Dudley Brown to ask him about his endorsement of Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward.

The DC Chronicle just wanted to give NAGR the opportunity to give us their perspective on their endorsement.

Kelli Ward was interviewed by CBS in early February outside the Conservative Political Action Conference. During the interview, she said she would be open to increasing the age required to buy a firearm from 18 to 21.

During the interview the following questions were asked:

Q: Would you care to comment on the video? (above)

A: “So, Kelli Ward didn’t, in fact, say this, and it wasn’t new info.”

Q: Is that your comment?

A: “Welcome to my blocked list, troll.”

Further comment: “Isn’t news.  That tv interview — where she generically agrees to talk about a laundry list of items, while on live tv — was conducted in February.”

Q: Does it concern you she caved when David Hogg applied pressure?

A: “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Now I don’t know about our readers but I don’t think joking about beating your wife is ever okay.