Senate Candidate Personally Writes Editorials Praising Herself, Forcing Supporters To Submit

Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward has been known for her narcissistic personality. When Ward speaks she talks about herself using the phrase I a lot rather than talking about her possible constituents.

A United States senator is supposed to work for the people not be self-involved in their own self-interest and Ward is no exception to that rule.

Kelli Ward has been someone who has asked her staffers try letters to the editors and opinion based editorials. Now, this is typically something that would happen in a normal campaign however typically these are written by supporters and submitted directly to the news organizations that publish them.

This is not the case with the Kelli Ward campaign everything that is sent to a news organization has to go directly through Kelli.

A woman by the name of Karen Shutte decided that she would help Ward out at the supporter and would write her an op-ed. Upon completing the op-ed. It was required that Kelli can preview it before it would be sent to the particular news organization.

So go and buy the book the article was sent to Kelli Ward and Kelli came back and said she didn’t like it at all and there was a lot of work that needed to be done on it.

As you can see in the letter above Ward says she “just write the letters herself.” After being frustrated on this issue Ward did just that and revised the letter (see below).

Shortly after Karen Schutte allowed herself to be bullied into writing what Kelli wanted she became the office manager at the Kelli Ward for Senate Tucson Office. Federal Election Commission records show she is paid $450.00 every two weeks for selling her soul to the campaign.

Karen Schutte is also responsible for running the Dan NoWhisky Twitter account. The account created under the direction of Michael Ward (Kelli’s husband) is used to troll Arizona Central National Reporter Dan Nowicki.