Kelli Ward has tried so hard to brand herself as the MAGA-Trump candidate in the Arizona Senate race but there is just one problem. She is anything but a Trump supporter and Trump does not like her. She has spent a lot of money on Facebook to advertise a photo of her and Trump.

Her campaign staffers have been linked to racist comments. Rick Shaftan referring to the GOP as “House Negro’s.”

On August 28th, 2017 Kelli Ward attorney, Benjamin Kuipers, sent out a new non-disclosure agreement to all the senior staffers including both Shaftan and Kasle. (see below)

See the following tweets from Shaftan’s account:

Rick Shaftan

Email communications show Shaftan working on the campaign since December of 2016.

His company also looks to be working for the campaign. In an attempt to hide her relationship with Shaftan they are not reported in the Federal Election Commission Records.

Shaftan has been under intense scrutiny by the national media for these same comments and his relationship with Senate Candidate. The Washington Examiner, Washington Post, Roll Call, and Heavy have all called out Corey Steward for his relationship with Shaftan but little did they know that he was also working for Kelli Ward.

Ward has been linked to another racist including her former Director of Youth Operations Lauren Kasle who had called for “the death of all Arabs.”