At the Mohave Republican Picnic Event over the weekend Senate Candidate, Kelli Ward had a total meltdown and allegedly assaulted Sheriff Joe Arpaio. According to two seperate accounts of the incident, Arpaio was having a conversation with members of the Ward Campaign. He says he likes to be friendly with all the people of Arizona.

At that point, the Ward staffer offered him a campaign button and he offered them a sticker. This really set Ward off because she came over and snatched the sticker out of Arpaio’s hand and threw it at him.

Another witness provides a secondary account of what happened:

Ward is likely getting nervous because of Arpaio’s strong relationship with the president. From day one Sheriff Joe has stood behind Donald Trump. Ward supported Cruz and is “now playing the game” according to Arpaio.

Arpaio said he has had enough of the games and the “bullshit.”

Arpaio says he understands that there can be tension in a campaign but asks is someone who assaults people really fit to serve in the United States Senate.

Ward has falsely claimed to want to debate the Sheriff but has subsequently blocked all communications from him including his social media accounts: