Eric Holder: I Should Be Able To Spy On Whoever I Want

Colbert asked Holder how many FISA warrants are issued on a yearly basis and Holder was unable to come up with an answer and joked about how many he’s signed.

“No idea. I signed a lot,” Holder said “A lot. A lot. A lot. That’s more than a little.”

Holder also said he’s glanced at the FISA warrant regarding former Trump adviser Carter Page, but has not read it in full.

“I’ve looked at it. I’ve not read it fully, no,” he replied. Holder said President Donald Trump should not feel exonerated by the release of the FISA warrant and slammed GOP Rep. Devin Nunes for his work on bringing the information to light.

“I’m serious, if you look at it, it goes totally contrary to that which he says it’s going to contain. Devin Nunes is proven to be totally wrong,” Holder said. “It is really one of these questions of who are you going to believe?’ Me or your lying eyes? You just look at it and you can see that it is– as I said, paints just a totally different picture than what the House Republicans and this president has said.”

Holder claimed the warrant wasn’t strictly based on the Steele dossier, but a litany of facts and evidence which he failed to mention during the interview.

“There are these things called facts, and then there’s this other stuff,” Holder concluded. “They still exist. The sun’s the center of the solar system, that’s still true. There are certain facts. And if you look at this FISA Warrant, you will see that it is not simply based, as they’ve been trying to say — it’s all based on the Steele dossier. It is clear that it is not.”

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