The Implosion of not just the Democrat Party but leftist Ideology

Going to the Circus

Politics has been a bi-partisan circus throughout American history but never has it been more carny-like than after Donald J. Trump became the President of these United States of America. The meltdown of the left/Democrat party is definitely the main attraction to this event as their ideological radiation just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the crust of the Earth. Democrat campaigns are now in a race to the left with policies like abolishing Immigration Customs and Enforcement and repealing tax cuts while there are others trying to maintain a more moderate message.

Under the Bigtop

Many coastal Democrats are labeling themselves as Democrat Socialists and dragging the party even further to left as demonstrated by Alexandria Cortez defeating moderate house rep Joe Crowley in a New York Democrat primary. Mid-west Democrats are struggling to differentiate themselves from the radical policies of these self-described Democrat Socialists. As the Democrat voters continue to elect more radical candidates in Democrat primaries, moderate voters are probably not going to turn out and Democrats probably won’t get enough votes to win elections.



Another sign of the destruction of the Democrat party is the infighting of Democrat leadership and senior members of the party. For example; Joe Crowley the Democrat incumbent defeated by Alexandria Cortez has decided to continue his house campaign run but as a member of the Working Families Parties and challenge Cortez again in the general election for the house seat. Another example is Senator Dick Durban and Chucky Schumer telling Democrat senators living in Republican states that they need to vote against President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. If these Red state Democrats were to vote against the Presidents SCOTUS nominee, their political careers may very well end, of course being Democrats probably already did that. Nancy Pelosi is another example of how the left is going down hill as she refuses to give up any of the power she still has to let any new blood get any “leadership” experience and continuously providing the GOP with great sound bite material.


Democrats are unfortunately turning the United States into a one party country by disenfranchising themselves from the mainstream American voter and shrinking their own voter base and the number of candidates they have in office. Democrats are also discouraging people from voting for them with all their infighting and attacking each other which isn’t all that terrible a thing in my eyes.


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