Ryan Fournier is a political activist most known for founding Students for Trump. The organization played a key role in student activism in 2016 that helped Trump get elected. He has continued the good fight since Trump took office.

Fournier challenged Congressman Cohen on a few occasions after he called for a coup d’etat. He also said that Peter Strzok the FBI agent under investigation by Congress deserved a Purple Heart. The Congressman quickly blocked Fournier on his official account as a member of the United States Congress.

On May 23, 2018, the United States District Court of the Southern District of New York ruled “The viewpoint-based exclusion of the individual plaintiffs from that designated public forum 1s proscribed by the First Amendment and cannot be justified by the President’s personal First Amendment interests.” Meaning that the President cannot block citizens of the United States.

When Cohen blocked Fournier he did so in his official capacity.

His company X Strategies is considering filing a lawsuit to challenge the latest block. Fournier serves as the companies President. When asked about the company they told DC Chronicle:

“X Strategies, LLC delivers elite strategic consulting, advisory, opposition research, professional fundraising, marketing, and media services. We offer these services to candidates for State or Federal office, former White House appointees, elected government officials, media personalities, political advocacy organizations, non-profits, celebrities, entertainers, and strategically aligned businesses.”