The destruction of the federal government as we know it…

On the precipice of a fifth conservative Supreme Court Justice which would obviously tip the court to a solidly conservative institution there is a lot of chatter about Roe v. Wade but not a lot of talk about an arguably even more crucial issue, the Chevron Deference. The Chevron Deference is a decision ruled on by past Supreme courts that allows bureaucrats the right to write, interpret and enforce laws over the American People instead of the courts and should a “citizen” be brought before a court by one of these bureaucrats, the citizen won’t even see justice because the court will defer to the bureaucratic agencies determinations and self written laws.

The repeal of such a ruling will have broad and long lasting ramifications over every citizen in these United States because the government will have been even more decentralized and even more power and wealth will have been returned to the people and even more prosperity will be allowed to take place. The idea that government can determine and enforce law instead of courts is in itself tyrannical and abusive and should never have been allowed to become the law of the land in the first place but its removal will effect citizens at the federal, state and local levels even if its reversal only applies to the federal agencies as federal agencies disseminate federal monies to state and local bureaucrats and with those funds comes the enforcement of said laws.

It shall be interesting to see how the court rules on this issue in the future but should it be reversed, which it undoubtedly will, as President Donald J. Trump and his first SCOTUS appointee SCJOTUS Gorsuch have expressed their disapproval of the Chevron Deference, the United States of America will be forever changed for the better.

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