When Will Some Christians Admit That They Were Wrong?

Supreme Court of the United States

The 2016 election year was probably one of the most divisive elections that most Americans can recall. We watched Trump supporters get physically beat after rallies. We heard Trump supporters referred to as deplorable and unredeemable. Some Christians dismissed Trump as an unworthy candidate! However, we stood strong and put everything on the line! We fought the good fight!

For 25 years I have heard fellow Christians proclaim, “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 However, some forgot about the “humble” part! I was often shamed by fellow Christians because I supported President Trump. They said that he was going to start a war, he wasn’t righteous enough, he was a liar, he couldn’t be trusted and that he was a racist.

I respect everyone’s right to choose a candidate based on how they feel, although, I didn’t respect the hypocrisy that was displayed. Many prominent leaders stood in the gap for President Trump, like Franklin Graham, however, some could not practice what they preached. Some people could not grasp that God could use him to help heal our land!

I would often plead with people to consider the importance of the Supreme Court. This issue should have led to their decisions, however, their emotions concerning his personality and manners were too much to bear. I explained that he would have the possibility of sitting 3-4 judges. Also, that our country was at a pivotal point and the outcome of the election would affect future generations. I was met with resistance and their emotions ultimately superseded any future consequences. Trusting God when it came to a President Trump was just a step too far for them!

It has been almost 2 years and they still stand in judgment. They share articles that insinuate that he is a racist, despite that facts prove otherwise. They readily believe the propaganda of the media instead of researching facts and policies.

Healing takes time and is painful. As God starts to heal our land and the Supreme Court turns back to a conservative bench, some Christians should take a moment and admit that they were wrong. They should also thank a Trump supporter for fighting when they refused to humble themselves and practiced what they preached!