No, The “Fake News” Era Was Not Created By Crazy Liberals.

Instead of blaming either side, consider the possibility that this all came from our own government interfering with the freedoms of our own press (for who knows how long?).

Fox News, recently reported that FBI employees were being accused by Representative Mark Meadows, of manipulating documents before they were improperly leaked.

If this is true, then it would mean those FBI employees were successfully using propaganda against the American People, especially if the media outlet was unaware of the changed document. Furthermore, even if the accusations of document tampering are not found to be true, then there is still strong evidence of the FBI’s Leak Culture, prior to appointment of Director Wray.  The leak culture was not wholly partisan, since many of the leaks have helped leaders on the right and the left.

Either way, by using the press in this manner, they were using their power to push propaganda, while concealing embarrassing facts. For America to be successful, it is absolutely vital that there be a separation of government and mainstream media. How can we promise to stop Russia from meddling in our elections, if we can’t even ensure our own press has accurate information?  Our BEST shot at a fair election is through an honest and loyal American press.

Americans have seen enough hysteria from our press that we could easily assume that the press is an enemy of the People. However, may I suggest to people on the left and right, it seems you’re both being played? There is no greater ally to the American People, than a free press.

I am from Ogden, Utah, where I have lived since the age of two. I have always loved writing persuasive arguments, however, I am still new to the political atmosphere so do not eat me!
Some of my unique skills/habits include reading body language, building rapport with wide variety of personalities and having deep conversations with complete strangers.
Since I am from Utah, I will satisfy the curiosity by specifying that I'm a non-active Mormon. Which means I go golfing on Sundays.