The Victim Card: How It’s Destroying our Country

According to most liberals, humanity is divided into two separate groups. Victims, and perpetrators. The victims were people of color, every religion aside from Christianity, women, and the LGBT community. The perpetrators being straight, white, CIS gendered men, or any other individual who disagrees with this idea. Due to this, liberals suffer from something called The Victimhood Complex.

The Victimhood Complex is a mentality that straight, white, CIS gendered men are oppressing everyone else, and are the sole reason for their lack of success in the world. This course of thinking is very unhealthy and allows people to place their blame on someone else so they don’t have to face their own failures. It’s created an abundance of different problems in our country, and will only continue to do so if it’s not eradicated.

In the following text, three examples of The Victimhood Complex will be given.

LGBT Community

Being gay in America fifty years ago was something to be afraid of. Coming out was incredibly difficult, and many were ridiculed and ostracized for doing as such. Not only were they verbally abused for it, they were physically abused for it, and many were sent to Conversion Therapy.

The biggest point of that paragraph was the statement “Being gay in America fifty years ago“. In today’s world, there is bigotry, and there is hatred and such a thing isn’t going to completely dissipate. But it is not true that gays are oppressed. Although, a large majority of the LGBT community would disagree, and claim that they are indeed an oppressed minority.

Due to this, different sexual orientations are pushed on society. Some public schools are teaching children the difference between heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and all of the other sexualities that exist. Children are growing up to claim that they understand their sexuality, that they think they’re gay, and this isn’t because they are. Children are incapable of understanding their sexuality because they don’t experience sexual feelings.

Many LGBT individuals would deny this, saying that little girls and little boys have crushed all the time, and this is seen as them expressing their sexual orientation.

This is wrong. Children are not capable of experiencing sexuality. Their small crushes on other children are gender roles that have existed in society for centuries. They see their mothers and fathers married, their older siblings dating, and they believe this is what is normal, so when they like another child of the opposite sex, they claim that they are romantically attracted to said, child. Anyone with any kind of intelligence would be able to admit, though, that young children are incapable of such feelings.

Black Lives Matter movement

When this country was being created, it is true that the settlers brought African citizens to this land as slaves to work their fields, and tend to their homes. They were treated terribly because they were not seen as humans. This was a horrible misfortune and goes against our constitution. It is true of our history that black people were once treated unfairly, but in 1865, slavery was deemed illegal and was abolished by President Abraham Lincoln. The unfair treatment of blacks continued after this of course, but over the years, racism has stopped being a systemic issue. As stated previously, hatred, bigotry, and racism does exist, but not at a mass scale.

Many black Americans, though, believe that they are still oppressed at a large level in this country. They believe they should be paid restitution for what happened to their very great-grandparents, at the hands of white people that have been dead for a very long time.

This is a flawed idea. As stated before, statistics prove that racism is not a systemic issue in America. A large number of white people living in this country were also immigrated, and had absolutely nothing to do with what happened during the founding years of the United States. White people have no responsibility to black people to take care of them because no white person that is living today has ever had a black slave. If they have, they’re most likely in jail or haven’t been caught yet.

Blacks would disagree. Out of this idiotic theory, the Black Lives Matter movement was created. Anytime any black person dies by the hand of a white person, it’s automatically fueled by racism, and there is an uproar from the black community. Some examples of this are the Ferguson riots and the Baltimore riots. All this accomplished was the injuries and death of many individuals, all because the BLM movement decided that racism is heavily prevalent in society.


Women, for many years, were not given equal opportunity in this country. It was in the 1960’s that Second Wave feminism came around, and changed this. Women could vote and had the ability to go into the workplace if they so chose. By the 1990’s, women were seen as equal to men. Second Wave feminism had finally succeeded in our country. It was around this same time, that Third Wave feminism arose.

Third Wave feminism is the idea that women are stronger and better than men. Women claim they are oppressed by the supposed ‘patriarchy’ and deserve to be treated better due to this. They fight against everything they believe is oppression with verbal violence and threats. The truth of the situation is that they aren’t oppressed, they just aren’t being held to a better level of decency than men. Because of this, they use false statistics to support their claims.

This has unfortunately seeped into society to the point where women are being accommodated and held to a lower standard. An example of this is the difference between the physical activity test requirements for men and women to enter the Navy. Men from the ages of 17-19 are required to do at least 42 Push-ups back to back, and run 1.5 miles in 12:30 minutes, minimum. While women of the same age are only required to do at least 19 push-ups back to back, and the minimum time of 15:00 for a 1.5-mile run. If women and men should be held to the same standards, according to women, then why are we accommodating their lack of strength?

The Victimhood Complex affects everyone in today’s society. For the ‘victims’ it affects them positively because society accommodates them according to what they want. For the ‘perpetrators’, it affects them negatively, because they are now the ones being oppressed and ostracized for their political opinions, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, and gender.

Equality cannot exist in America while this is allowed and encouraged. Something needs to change, and quickly.

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