Ireland’s Unfortunate Decision: Abortion Legalization

On the 25th of May, Ireland opened their voting polls to allow their citizens to legalize abortion. The next day, counting began. 66.4% voted in favor of abortion, while 51.9% voted against it. It’s not a surprise that Ireland allowed the option to repeal their eighth amendment, and it’s not a surprise that it went through.

Women of Ireland danced in the streets after the decision, rejoicing and weeping for joy that they could now terminate their pregnancies before said child could ruin their lives.

Feminists’ claims of oppression have been heard from all westernized countries over centuries, calling on institution of “equal rights” for both genders. One of the largest arguments put forth in this vein is that not having the right to abort their child is, to them, considered oppression.

If a woman snapped their child’s neck the day after he or she was born, there would be both a legal problem, and a moral one as well. She would likely go to jail for infanticide, because it is illegal to kill another human being. With that in mind, why is it okay for a woman to snap a child’s neck in the womb, or any other vile way to abort said child? Many argue that the child cannot fend for itself, and is attached to the mother, and is therefore a body part of said woman, and can be removed. Another argument is that the child is not yet breathing, and therefore is not considered a living human being.

A babies heart generally begins to beat six weeks after conception. Just forty-two days after the egg is fertilized, a heart is formed, and is beating. In that same week, the babies brain also forms and attached to said brain, is their spinal chord. The baby continues to grow, continues to form, and many other amazing milestones follow these events.

Humans are made up of cells, as any biology teacher in elementary school can tell you. Cells are living organisms that multiply and divide and can even reject other cells. They have a “brain” of their own, and have a job to do. Every cell is very much alive. This is just a simple scientific fact, and is generally learned by students in their middle or high school education.

With the knowledge that babies are made up of cells, how can one propose that fetuses in the womb are not living, as well, even if they aren’t fully formed? Most feminists, as well as outdated pro-abortion laws, would posit that a baby is not a living being, although this is inherently illogical scientifically speaking. One can’t deny science and then try to prove one’s point with it.

Babies are living beings, both within and outside of the mothers body. They grow rapidly from the time of conception. A child’s life has no dependency on its first breath. A child’s life is simply that, a life. May, of 2018, will be remembered for the month that Ireland loosened their strict abortion laws, allowing for greater numbers of the mass murder of unborn infants, right alongside America. In the United States, approximately 1,095,000 children are aborted each year. One can only hope that Ireland won’t reach these outrageous numbers; but the reality is they most likely will, and even possibly surpass them.

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