BREAKING John Yang of PBS also on the take with Fake Dossier, and Obama Administration Unmasking


Earlier Tonight, America First Media told you about The Washington Post’s Greg Miller, and how he was involved in the paid presses part of the Fake Russian Dossier against President Trump. Tonight via our sources we have learned that PBS’s John Yang was also involved as well. John Yang, a Correspondent for NBC News from 2009-2016 on multiple facets, accepted a position with PBS in February of 2016.

Yang is now a Correspondent for the PBS News Hour on PBS. He was also on the take from the Fusion GPS Dossier to report fake information and news about President Trump. What’s even more concerning is PBS known as the Public Broadcasting Service is Government funded by American Taxpayer money. Which means your own Government has been running against President Trump with the Fake Russian Dossier, and reporting it to The American People.

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John Yang, like Miller was also being fed information via the Obama Administration’s unmasking of Trump officials and campaign personnel. American Tax Dollars used to fund Illegal unmasking news and fed to the public, then paid by a Fake Russian Dossier. We always say The Truth Hurts on our programming, but this one is a bombshell for the Mainstream Media to swallow.

I watched countless pundit after pundit this morning on Sunday News programs talk about how The President was undermining their ability to report the news. This has nothing to do with President Trump, and everything to do with how the Mainstream Media continues to lie, cheat, and steal to push a fake narrative down the public’s throat. The American People don’t believe the Mainstream Media anymore, and nor should they.

This is a developing story, more updates throughout the week on John Yang. Thanks to Joe Biggs and Rogue Right Media for the Assist tonight!

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