Meeting Her:


On June 5, 2016, I met a beautiful woman and her initials were DP. She was still in high school but she was one of the most intelligent people I had ever met. DP was in her school’s Marine Corps Junior ROTC program. When I tell you this woman was perfect I mean it. She had it all: Beauty, Intelligence, Confidence, and Leadership. If there was ever such a thing as love, at first sight, this was the woman.

DP’s Politics:

I found out a year later that she was a liberal. This didn’t change my opinion of her what so ever. It wasn’t her opinions that attracted to me so much as her confidence, her willingness to fight for what she believed in and her strength to do so.

Her being a liberal is not a flaw but a blessing. She gives me a reason to fight for her.

She is building a career. DP is someone I could have an adult relationship with.

Time With DP:

As I got to know her we spent time talking through text messages, phone calls, and face time. Finally, I got to genuinely spend time with her at the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl. DP and I met the United States Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and we met the American Wife Taya Kyle. Talk about feeling on could nine next to your best friend. These are experiences that I could have had with other women but DP was the one that it was supposed to happen with. She was the woman that God blessed me with on that night.


She is the woman that I have every text I have sent her from day one. The woman who I can’t get angry at.

The fight –

I could see myself wanting to spend the rest of my life with her. I believe in letting go and letting God. She is the dream girl any guy would be lucky to be with. When I look at her I look at her differently than I have looked at any woman before her. I believe things will work out the way they are supposed to. She is someone who has forever changed my life.

I am scared to lose her.

I love her.

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