Snowflakes Attack Dr. Kelli Ward For John McCain Being Selfish

On July 16th, 2017 Senator John McCain was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Conservatives sent out their prayers for Senator McCain including Dr. Kelli Ward who ran against McCain in the last election.

As a physician, Dr. Ward has first-hand knowledge of what this kind of tumor can do to a person. She called for the resignation of Senator McCain because that is what in the best interests of not only himself but the country. But it is important to note that first and for most, she stated that she was praying for McCain and his family. 

Politics is not about being coming everyone’s best friend it is about saying the things that need to be said no matter how hard they are. She wants what is best for the people and Senator McCains health problems not only cause undo stress on the United States Senate but they shift focus away from the key issues that we need to be addressing.

We need someone who is willing to stand up and fight for us that is in good health and has no underlining issues that will cause bias or stress. Dr. Ward understands that. She understands what the outcome of this diagnosis means. Ward understands that the people need someone who can fight for them at full strength. 

Sen. McCain should be taking this time to spend time with his family and not in a senate chamber. He should be taking all of that precious time he has left and giving it to his family. 

While I support Senator McCain for his service to this nation I find it kind of selfish that he is not allowing someone with more strength to stand up for our conservative values.