An Open Letter from an African American Libertarian

I hope my correspondence finds you in good health and spirits. It’s a little after midnight and I am sitting up with my Mac Book Pro on my lap and my beloved dog Eva Elizabeth by my side. I have been wanting to take some time and express myself in support of some things that I believe.

My name is Corey Maurice Fauconier. I am a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York. I reside on the South side of Richmond, Virginia. I am involved in my community with non profit organizations like Concerned Black Men (CBM), Get Involved RVA, Toastmasters International and the Richmond Crusade for Voters (RCV). I regularly attend the Richmond School Board, City Council and visit the General Assembly. I notice that not enough people are involved and working to make a difference and that frustrates me.

Back in November of 2014, my good friend and brother Regie Ford whom I met from Toastmasters International in 2007 invited me to attend an Candidates Forum hosted by the historic Richmond Crusade for Voters. The RCV was established in 1956 to educate African Americans in the Commonwealth of Virginia with regard to the referendum vote to prevent the desegregation of the public school system per Brown vs. the Board of Education. The sad thing is only fifty percent of African Americans came out to vote that year, the referendum failed to pass and as history teaches us, the Commonwealth of Virginia closed it’s public school system that year.

I witnessed history during that forum. Sprinkled in with the regular Democrats and Republicans were Robert Sarvis and James Carr Libertarians candidates for Senate and Congress. I remained objective. I closed my eyes and listened to Mr. Sarvis and Mr. Carr and most of what they said made absolute sense to me. They were honest. My 14 year old step son Elijah who is a freshman at Huguenot High School looked at me and said, “Corey the Libertarian’s won, they were way better that the Democratic and Republicans.”

It was historic because Robert Sarvis and James Carr were the first third party candidates to ever address the Richmond Crusade for Voters. Following the event, I went to introduced myself to Mr. Sarvis and Mr. Carr. We talked and took photographs. We exchanged contact information and something just clicked. Over the next few weeks Mr. Sarvis and Mr. Carr instead became Rob and James. Regular men who wanted to make a change in the politics of their community. They in turn introduced me to other Libertarians around the Commonwealth of Virginia. A network of people who were just like me, fighting for freedom.

Soon after, I met Carl Loser and Connie Hannigan-Frank on Twitter. Once again finding out that people in my community were just like me, working to fight for liberty.

I am researching the Libertarian Party. From what I can see thus far, it seems like the right place to be for me. Researching prominent African American Libertarians Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. I have attended many meetings with my Libertarian brothers and sisters. The Patrick Henry Supper Club, the Chesterfield County Libertarian Party and the Powhatan Libertarian Party meeting. The power of people uniting in support of positive improvement in government and in our communities.

The one thing my late parents Emma and Sylvester taught me growing up in my Caribbean American / African American section of Queens was one to remain involved in my community and to read. Two very important lessons. I will continue to read and research, I will continue do my community service with Concerned Black Men, Get Involved RVA, Toastmasters International and Richmond Crusade for Voters. I will continue to embrace my Libertarian brothers and sisters to work in our community. I welcome any assistance from any Democrat or Republican who wants to make our community a better place. We need to work together in common-unity (community) But, if I need to label myself, call me Corey Fauconier, a proud Central Virginia Libertarian. Please feel free to contact me using the information below. May I thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I pray we find all the freedoms that we are fighting to obtain.

With Respect in Search of Liberty,

Corey M. Fauconier

@CoreyMFauconier Twitter

[email protected]