Liberal Bias Professor Attacks Student 4 Being Conservative

Liberal Bias – The President of College Republicans at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas has publically called out his liberal professor for attacking him. These attacks come after the professor found out the student was a conservative.

“A press release issued this week by the UNLV College Republicans alleges that an instructor subjected Chapter President Jacob Deaville to“unfair grading practices” and  “inappropriate jokes and remarks about President Trump’s administration and Deaville’s political affiliation.” –Campus Reform

After several meeting with the head of the department, the maladaptive behaviors continued which prompted the student to file a formal complaint with the faculty senate. 

“Deaville told Campus Reform that he was taking a summer course in “International Cuisine,” and that the professor reacted with out hostility to his political beliefs and began grading him unfairly.

“Situations like this are a serious threat to the foundation of America,” Deaville declared. “They simply prevent American Students from expressing their ideas in fear of being marked or failed by the professor. Any limitations or penalties associated with free speech from a public institution is a deprivation of rights.” –Campus Reform

The instructor has since resigned from UNLV following his formal complaint, and that the department has agreed to rectify his grade.

The UNLV Faculty Senate, however, did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for confirmation.

See the press release here:

Author commentary –  The liberal bias on college campuses is unreal and we must continue to call out these liberal professors who are treating students with such disrespect for having different viewpoints than they do. This is unacceptable and must be stopped. This is a publically funded university paid for the tax payers and the student under the first amendment has the right to free speech and freedom of expression. The professor must grade with unbiased of political views.