MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on the “Big Story” of the G20 Summit: Trump and Putin “Manspreading”

  This year’s G20 summit garnered plenty of mainstream media attention, but mostly for all of the wrong reasons.  While the major story coming out of the summit should be President Trump’s cease fire deal with President Putin in Syria, partisan hacks like the host of MSNBC’s Hardball Host Chris Matthews instead focused on one of the true dangers of modern civilization – manspreading.

  That’s right, maybe you weren’t aware but manspreading – the act of a man spreading his legs wide apart while sitting, is a “big story” (his words, not mine).  Luckily Chris is courageous enough to bring the real issues to the table.

  “Well note the manspreading there by the two gentlemen..,” Matthews pointed out on his show, as President Trump and President Putin talked to the media and shook hands.

  Later during his show Matthews revisited the phony manspreading controversy, asking viewers if they noticed how they sat, even suggesting the manspreading was part of a psychological urge between the two to outdo one another – “Nobody’s gonna outspread me! You can hear their little psyches urging them on,” Matthews opined.

  If anybody ever wondered why the archaic mainstream media is losing credibility, and new media like The Narrative Times is benefiting from that, they could certainly point to this as an example.  Instead of covering the real news, or anything positive about President Trump, the mainstream media would rather feign controversy over something that ordinary people don’t care about.