3 Activists to Watch from Local to Federal Government

With many elections happening in 2017 there are some key people to keep an eye out for. It takes a strong willed person to truly fight on behalf of the people they serve and the people listed below are no different.


  1. Jake Hoffman– Jake serves the people of Queen Creek as a council member. He is the executive director of E3Africa which is a non-profit with the mission to “To educate the orphaned, impoverished and often forgotten of God’s children in both mind and spirit.” Jake serves on the staff at Turning Point USA where he works with the press. Anyone who has met Hoffman would say that he is a hard worker and truly fights for what he believes in. As a Christian Jake allows God to serve through him.
  2. Dr. Kelli Ward- Dr. Ward is running against incumbent Senator Jeff Flake. Serving as a physician, a state senator, a military wife, and mother Kelli has many different experiences that will help her serve as the next senator from Arizona. Dr. Ward has the experience in health care need to fix the mess we call Obamacare. One important thing to note is that Dr. Ward supports our president which is what we need if we expect to reform policy.
  3. Austin Petersen- Ausin is the former Libertarian Presidential Candidate. Recently Petersen announced his candidacy for the Republican Party Senate seat in Missouri. As a fighter for liberty Petersen has worked on numerous political action committees, has experience as a businessman and has been featured numerous times in the media. 

    “The first year will be spent learning the rules of the Senate and proper decorum so I can conduct myself appropriately and professionally in order to be a good representative for the citizens of my state,” Petersen told TheBlaze

These three have the potential to change everything we know as politics from the local level to the federal level. Their numerous experiences, their faith, and their leadership have shown time and time again that they are willing to fight for their constituents.