What makes a country a target for terrorism?

Does anyone really know why a certain place is chosen to be the subject of lost lives and injured souls?

There is no specific formula or equation to discover why a country is the focus of destruction and pain.

The amount of terrorist attacks that have occurred since January 2017 alone amaze me. It seems like every day now, I hear of an individual or a group of people pledging their loyalty to ISIS or attacking others out of spite, rage, and revenge.

In Europe alone, the Louvre knife attack, the Westminster attack, the Stockholm attack, the Paris shooting, the Manchester bombing and the London bridge attack have occurred. Most of these incidents were claimed by ISIS rebels. And why do these attacks occur?

“ISIS makes no secret of its ultimate ambitions: A global caliphate secured through a global war. To that end it speaks of remaining and expanding its existing hold over much of Iraq and Syria. It aims to replace existing, man-made borders, to overcome what it seems as the Shiite ‘Crescent’ that has emerged across the Middle East, to take its war– Islam’s war– to Europe and America, and ultimately to lead Muslims toward an apocalyptic battle against the disbelievers,” according to CNN.com.

This is an incredibly dark pretense for the most lethal terrorist group to date. Not only are they notorious for this, but they revel in making people suffer. They have no mercy whatsoever.

They use Facebook to gain followers, post videos online of their beheadings of political prisoners they held captive and make propaganda videos to recruit members. Some people that decide to join are members of Saddam Hussein’s departed army, defectors from Syrian rebel groups and global internet recruits.

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They turned Islam into something ugly and vile by skillfully using ” its powerful religious ideology to convince recruits to accept a life that in all probability will include considerable privation and sacrifice. The ultimate truth, says ISIS, lies not in the present, with all his frustrations, but in another realm not of this earth, yet to be attained,” as stated on the Huffington Post.

Islam is a peaceful religion with a strong following, but it has been misconstrued due to ISIS ideals and actions. People have associated this religion with the likes of ISIS, which should not be. ISIS is radical terrorism. They have nothing to do with what Islam stands for. People need to understand that.

Islam “focuses on the cultivation of excellent moral character to better oneself and the world around oneself. It teaches a set of values that promote life, liberty, equality and justice. Some of these values include:

  • Respect for the earth and all creatures
  • Care and compassion for those less fortunate
  • The importance of seeking knowledge
  • Honesty and truthfulness in word and deed
  • Striving continuously to improve oneself and the world.”

as mentioned on ing.org.

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Maybe ISIS constantly targets Western countries because they despise Western ideals. Or maybe they want to expand their motivation to conquer all territories, including Syria and Iraq, past the boundaries of the Middle East. But the fact of the matter is this– innocent people in countries like France and the U.K., don’t deserve to lose their family members over a skewed perspective of the world. It’s just not right.