Tomi Lahren Final Thoughts: Be a Free and Independent Thinker

Tomi Lahren spoke at Turning Point USA’s Young Women Leadership Summit. She had a message for the young women that was simple and straight forward. It was that being a conservative woman is hard but you can do anything you set your mind too. Lahren set the stage for her speech by starting with “Everything is bigger in Donald Trump’s America.”

Her speech included many jabs at liberals including her comments about Texas weather saying “Welcome to Texas I hope you are enjoying our heat … It’s what I call weather or as the liberals like to call it climate change.” She was wearing a nice #TeamTomi shirt with a coat and skirt and made the statement “If I were a liberal I probably wouldn’t be wearing this.”

She continued noting: “If I were a liberal I would tell you how hard it is to be a woman.” Tomi made comments about Katy Perry saying: “The whole open borders / co-exist thing we can have a conversation when she has a concert in Syria.”

During her speech she said “It is kind of hard to be a conservative woman.” She said the following three things make it easier to be a conservative woman:

  1. “You live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth.”
  2. “Donald Trump is your president.”
  3. “Hillary Clinton is not.”

She stated that the media (ABC in particular) has to refer to her as “White Power Barbie.” She talked about how Hillary Clinton is not the first female president and how important it is to have a first female president that is honorable and respectable saying “I would rather it not be a liar or a crook.”

Talking to the thousands of young women in the room she stated “We Tomi Lahrenare independent and free thinkers.” Continuing with “We are strong and because we have strength of character.” She encouraged them to decide what they stand for and what they believe in.  Talking about her personal beliefs Lahren said “I believe in Faith, Family, and Freedom.”

Lahren told people to not be offended by others beliefs but to stand by their values. She said “I would encourage you all to stand up for what you believe in.” She said “As I look out I see a lot off heads but I don’t see any pink p**** hats.”

Tomi’s entire message was about being a free and independent thinker. The did not push politics or any specific rhetoric but encouraged the young women of Turning Point USA to think for themselves and to stand up for what they believe in.