The Fight for a Smaller Government

As conservatives, our first belief is in a smaller government. As Rand Paul likes to say “A government so small you can barely see it.” We always try to fight for lower taxes, and for a government thats sole purpose is to protect our liberty. As conservatives, we want the type of government envisioned by our founding fathers, a government that serves the people, not the other way around.

The Fight For Freedom

We are always battling against the liberals and others on all fronts and issues. Such as their attempt to put far too many restrictions on gun ownership through what they call “common-sense” regulation. Or in a more hidden assault on civil liberties, take away our first amendment by calling us some derogatory slur that they have invented to use against conservatives along with their constant implementation of speech codes on college campuses to prevent “triggers” and “micro-aggressions”.

When it comes to the economy, they push over-regulation on businesses, they try to implement insane levels of taxation, the total government takeover of industries that belong in the free market such as healthcare and education, forcing individuals to provide services such as baking cakes for events that do not align with their religious values, and some liberals (like the 14 million that voted for Bernie Sanders) even going as far as asking for what became known as “Democratic-Socialism”.

The definition of socialism is “a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.” Even if this is done democratically it really scares me and should scare everyone, losing our economic freedom like this and practically just handing it over to the government in a fashion that throughout the 20th century cost this planet millions of lives both through poverty which lead to starvation and therefore death, along with government having so much power that it’s able to orderly murder nearly 12 million people inside of a gas chamber. Remember NAZI was a German abbreviation for National Socialist German Workers Party, and that they rose to power mostly legally through people’s ignorance about the dangers of Socialism and Fascism.

A Bloody Century

The 20th century was the most murderous century in all of human history. What was the cause of all this death? Well, the answer is straightforward, the cause was big government. As conservatives, our primary objective always has been and always will be to prevent this. We know that with great power comes great responsibility and nine times out of ten the United States government doesn’t use this power properly just like any other government. So the conservative position has been for a very long time that the best way to prevent this is through a small limited government giving people an unprecedented level of freedom consistent with very very little government intervention getting in the way of the free market, free enterprise, free trade and furthermore a free people.

Just think for one moment what does it mean to be a liberal Democrat? Just ask yourself a few of these questions and you’ll realize how ridiculous the left is.

Do I want a bigger federal government?
Do I want to pay more in taxes?
Is socialism right or wrong? (A lot of more moderate Democrats may not be as extreme as what would be called a socialist, but the more liberal someone is the closer that is to socialism)
Do I believe that if I pay more in taxes government is going to solve all the problems it can’t already solve with 3 ½ trillion dollars every year?

See once you start with even the most basic questioning of liberalism you realize how bad of an idea it is when these things are implemented into the government. On the contrary for conservatism, you should ask yourself these varied questions.

Do I want a smaller government?
Do I want more liberty?
Do I want more freedom?
Do I want lower taxes?
Do I want a government that stays out of the affairs of my life and my business? Do I want a more free market, with free enterprise, and free trade?

And lastly, ask yourself; Do I believe in the constitution?

The fight for a smaller government and more liberty is not a new one. This battle has been going on for many years and will likely continue to be fought for many years against the liberal Democrats and even some Republicans who may be overly moderate in their conservatism. These people constantly try to over-regulate our lives and our businesses, and because of that, this is a battle that must be won.

Federal Infringement

My personal belief is that the best way to win this is becoming knowledgeable about government and politics and then make sure to spread that knowledge to others because the government and I both know that an educated population cannot be ruled because an educated population won’t let a government rule over them. This idea that government is governed by the people rather than the other way around is an idea that must be protected.

Sadly, though the Federal government has far overstepped, it’s boundaries many times with unconstitutional Federal agencies/bureaucracies such as the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, and the National Labor Relations Board. According to the 10th amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”, and at no point does the Constitution give the federal government the power to do any of these things therefore they all belong to the states or the people and not the federal government.

If we want to stop this we must make a message clear to our elected officials because we have the freedom as a nation to do so. That message should uniformly be that if you continue to grab power that you don’t have. When it comes time for re-election you will not go back into office under any circumstances because we the people believe in the ideals of our founding fathers and the 2nd most excellently written text of all time, the US Constitution, which of course is second only to the Bible.

Taxes And Depression

There was a time before the election of FDR when taxes were only about 3% of the wealth in this country. Now my question is if we could do that then and it worked, then why can’t we do it now?

Some people might argue that lower taxes and less regulation led to the great depression and the great recession, that these two horrible economic crashes were caused by a failure of capitalism and the free market, that we needed this increased government involvement in the free market to prevent these things from happening.

The problem with this argument for more government involvement is that it is completely false. It wasn’t a failure of the free market that caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession; it was a failure of government specifically the Federal Reserve. Let me explain, and I’ll do it one at a time by starting with the great depression and later moving on to the great recession.

Throughout the roaring 1920’s until the early 1930’s the economy was fantastic but because of a series of horrendous decisions by the Federal Reserve when it came to interest rates and borrowing, banks began to take extraordinary amounts of risks, the amount of risk that under no circumstances would have been made under real free market capitalism without a Federal Reserve system because the banks would know that this amount of risk is unsustainable.

So long story short the United States lost about one-third if its money supply and through a direct correlation about one-third of the banks closed. This was a money loss which at every single point could have been prevented by either sound monetary policy by the Federal Reserve bank or by a complete absence of the Federal Reserve bank, now onto the Great Recession.

There were two aspects of a big government that worked hand in hand to lead to the Great Recession. One was the formation the housing bubble (this aspect was the federal backing of subprime loans). The other which caused the bubble to become much bigger until the bubble popped (the Federal Reserve). In the 90’s banks received a warm message from the U.S. Federal Government and that message read that they could make riskier decisions (risky decisions that with pure capitalism instead of crony capitalism would not have been made) and that if these risks did not pay off that Uncle Sam had their backs.

The second cause (the Federal Reserve) started in 2000 but its roots are from all the way back to 1996 when the internet was beginning and its popularity created what was known as the “dot-com boom”. Investors may have overestimated its popularity and invested too much in the industry and then in March of 2000 the “dot-com crash” happened in which the Nasdaq composite due to the crisis lost 78% of its value going from 5046.86 to 1114.11 which threw the U.S. economy into a slight recession but none the less a recession meaning contrary to popular belief George W. Bush did inherit a bad economy.

So in response to this crash the Federal Reserve drastically lowered interest rates in order to produce economic growth and try to get us out of the recession. However, once the economic crisis was over the Federal Reserve didn’t raise the interest rates back up. This lead to even an more un-capitalistic level of risk taking, especially in the housing market with banks a lot of times not even checking credit before giving people hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans. Something which would never happen under normal real capitalist levels of risk taking and eventually after years and years of this the housing bubble became enormous. 

This culminated into Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy in 2008 and went to the Federal government and asked for a bailout but didn’t get bailed out. So then when this happened it sent a message to all other banks that they could also fail and this time, if they did, Uncle Sam wouldn’t have their backs. So they stopped lending money to other banks this, in turn, caused a freeze in the financial market and this combination of different parts of big government and an unconstitutional national bank like always significantly damaged our freedom and prosperity.

The Question

So the question remains for all the big government liberals…

If the government keeps failing and ruining almost anything it touches, why do you continuously support its expansion?

Also I would like to ask a broader question to any liberal or conservative reading this and that question is this.

If a central bank is not a right given to the Federal government in the constitution and this unconstitutional bank has caused so many economic collapses which would not have happened with a gold standard (it is possible that the 2008 financial crisis would have happened to a far lesser extent without the Federal Reserve but it would have happened because of crony capitalism, bailouts, and corporate welfare which is still big government but even then in the situation eliminating the federal reserve’s role it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad as it actually was) then why do we not take steps towards eliminating this and other clearly unconstitutional power grabs by the federal government and move towards a smaller government whose sole purpose is to protect our liberty, our freedom, and our national security?