Bad Habits: Like Father Like Son (Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona)

On June 1st, 2017 BuzzFeed D.C. Chief Stanton wrote an article calling out the son of Republican Senator Jeff Flake. Flake is the junior senator from Arizona. His son, Tanner, used the name “N1ggerkiller” in an

Jeff Flake
Screenshot is taken from Tanner’s Twitter Account with the handle “@n1ggerkiller98”

online video game. To take it one step further Tanner went on to YouTube and made derogatory comments using the word “nigger” and referring to Hispanics as “the scum of the Earth.” On his Twitter account, he used the word faggot and referred to his friend as a “jew” for stealing a joke.


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Many journalists took to their respective social media platform to ask why this was news and question that these his accounts were monitored by other journalists. But the problem still lies with Senator Flake. As a member of the United States Senate, Senator Flake not only has a responsibility to the Great State of Arizona but also to his family. How can you be a leader to an entire state when you can’t even teach your kids right from wrong. The statements made by Tanner were not only wrong but racist and offensive.  On his official website he has a picture of his family in his bio but does not talk about them until the last sentence saying:

“Jeff and his wife, Cheryl, live in Mesa and have five children.”

Not only does Flake struggle with his family but according to the American Conservative Union Flake voted against the conservative viewpoint on 7 times in which he either vote against or did not cast a vote for the conservatives. He has a history of tweeting statement to directly challenge President Trump. To be a leader and to be worthy of a political office you must take care of all of your primary responsibilities and obligations first meaning family and then and only then should you run for political office. 

Flake has a history of going against Republican Leadership, family problems, and negative headlines in the media.

He is not fit to be re-elected to the United States Senate.

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