The Principate ~ Dictatorial Democracy

What if I told you the Republic once governed by a Constitution, no longer existed and the traditions are simply carried on as a formality? That they swear on a book that has no meaning to them in any real sense, to uphold a document that they prove to abhor with every action. The Head of the Executive and Judicial branches have seized power bit by bit. Or in better terms, Congress and the people have shown them that neither will act in a strong enough measure to stop them.

Imperial Presidents And Secret Law
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Senator Wyden

The modern Imperial Presidents began with Bush era legal precedents taken during a time of crisis and fear. Which were expanded under Obama and upheld by the majoritarian powers in Washington. If that trend continues then soon absolute power will be centered into the hands of those who were never elected to hold it.

A prime example of this was the Patriot Act which stripped citizens of their right to privacy. A police state is the manifestation of a paranoid bureaucracy obsessed with self-preservation at all costs. There has been a perverse precedent set in law which is the secret private interpretation of public law.

In relation to this, Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon has spoken out twice about what he calls “Secret Law”. First, during the Obama Administration and again in opposing Supreme Court Judges Gorsuch’s appointment to SCOTUS. Mainly fighting against government surveillance as one of only ten Senators who voted against the reauthorization of the Patriot Act in 2006 and years ago in a letter stated the following:

“In our judgment, when the government relies on significant interpretations of public statutes that are kept secret from the American public, the government is effectively relying on secret law,” Wyden iterated in the letter co-signed by Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.)

In recent times he is quoted saying the following on the Senate floor during his opposition speech against Gorsuch:

“I’ve been on the intelligence committee since the days before 9/11 and one of the things that we’ve come to feel strongly about is the danger of what I call secret law. And I want to make sure people know exactly what I’m talking about when I describe secret law. In the intelligence world and the national security sphere; operations and methods, the tactics used by our courageous men and women who are protecting us, who go in harms way to protect our people.

Those sources and methods have always gotta be secret, they’re classified and they have to be because if they got out we could have Americans die, the people who do all that wonderful work and possibly millions more. So sources and methods have gotta be secret, but the law and our public policies always ought be transparent. The American people need to know about them because that is how we make informed decisions in our wonderful system of government, voters are given enough information to make the choices. So sources and methods, operations… SECRET. But the law and political philosophies has gotta be public. “

Later on afterward he also stated the following:

“And as I indicated, the Public…isn’t going to know about secret operations, we protect it. But trust in our government and legal system can’t survive when Americans understand the law says one thing and then the government or a secret court says it means another. Secret law prevents the public from knowing whether their fundamental rights are being infringed by an unaccountable, unconstrained government, aided by compliant courts. And secret law also keeps the Congress in the dark.

Congress whose job it is to represent people, and oversee the government.  Congress who barring rebellion…is the only recourse of a free people against an executive, judicial alliance of secrecy. That infringes their liberties and it’s my view that secret law makes a mockery of the oath that members of Congress, justices and each senator here has taken to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. Secret law is fundamentally corrosive to the Rule Of Law in America…”


Therefore the USA Freedom Act and others similar to it might as well have been called the USA Slavery Act if that is what they call “Freedom”. The bulk collection could still be occurring since we didn’t know about it to begin with and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court can order phone companies to turn over the records.(So the battle goes on)

If we didn’t know before about the abuse except through leaks then how can we know if the abuse wasever really stopped or if any further actions were taken? What long term oversight was truly provided as protection for the apprehensive American citizen?

The only ones with true freedom are those who act in the dark without oversight even as they watch you through every screen, listen to you through every microphone and for what? Well, I won’t answer that question…

Traditional wisdom holds and proves that you should not trust an organization of people who repeatedly lie to you. The majority of the same elected officials that for years gave their consent in silence will never stop asking you to believe them. The blame will always be redirected at the other supposedly ‘side’ in a show of childish inability to take responsibility. Either they are truly ignorant and therefore largely incompetent at best or corrupt husks of the hierarchy at worst. Senator Cruz once affectionately called them the Washington Cartel.

Congress is not in a gridlock, they are only held back by advancing the status quo by filibusters for a few days at most from time to time. Beyond those rare times, things move along quite smoothly within the solemn Senate. The main factions only fight over how fast they will move in the same direction or how their tasks will be accomplished. Not about the direction they inevitably are moving toward. Which is simply total social and economic control…

There always exists a lure of selling all forms of freedom for all forms of security. Yet none are secure from the authority dealing them out. There is no one to appeal to if the highest authorities in the land choose to abuse their power. Not when those at every level are appointed on the basis of loyalty without any real commitment to justice. Wherein the commitment is purely to order and law no matter how unjust the ruling. What is the rule of law if it ceases to be understood by the people and their lawmakers, even more troubling who is truly making them?

We should fear the dark because we cannot trust our eyes.

Our True System

In our time this faceless machine has more people dependent on it for their very survival than ever before. How strange and sad a ‘host’ of people have become like unto those who once attached leeches to themselves thinking it had a positive effect. Nowadays, people are fooled into believing that the leech of government will somehow be beneficial to the individual.

So what do I think of this system? Well, we are neither Constitutional nor a Republic. Nor are we an empire; we are in a time of transition. The calm before reform that I would like to label the Principate. I call it a DEAD system…


Dead System

In Roman times everyone thought they dwelled within a Republic. The husk of it remained but it was occupied by fewer as it became an illusion of ordered democratic government in accordance with tradition. This was a constant allusion to the republic that no longer exercised true check or balance though they all were still on paper. No one called them kings, they were just Caesar or Augustus. They called themselves first citizens, men of the people. A people who hated their Senate and Assemblies for good reason…

Power without titles and titles without power…

Should we fear the Principate?

America is on the horizon line of a new era. An allusion to great Republics of the past.

Do not fear the principate; for it shall be either glorious or a rapid downfall. Perhaps we have reached a Caesar laying the groundworks for the next Augustus. Though another thought is that we have not reached that yet. That we are simply in the reigns of either Marius or Sulla, let us hope we have a Marius. A man of people who will listen to those who put him in power. Although remember that Sulla came after, overthrowing him with the power of the Senate in the name of fighting despotism, then becoming an evil despot himself.

So the question is if there is a benevolent despot should one act? Perhaps in times of true crisis if the Republic is already dead then why preserve what is already dead, lost and hollow? We need to embrace the future and never again capitulate to corruption.

Never forget that evil men can be used for good means. Likewise, good men can be used for evil means.

The real question will be, in this period will we have reigns of many good Caesars…a Pax Americana of Peace, Prosperity, and Progress? Or will we skip right to the darker chapters? Such as the reigns of Nero and Caligula fighting imaginary threats as the country and culture endures degradation.