Jeff Flake is a Traitor to the Arizona People

  • The leadership of the Republican Party does NOT support him.

The leadership of his own party does not support him. President Donald Trump has called out Senator Flake numerous times for going against his party. He doubts the president, his agenda, and the Republican Party. Right now the United States has a Republican president, a Republican Senate, and a Republican House. We have endless possibilities but can’t achieve our mission with people like Senator Flake constantly working against his own party making that mission unneededly harder.

  • Jeff Flake does NOT support the rhetoric of the Republican Party.

Senator Flake ran on the platform of the Republican Party and yet has constantly gone against the party. This not only makes him a liar but a manipulator of the Arizona people. When the president makes a decision it is not the Senator’s place to contradict that. The president is the leader of the party. The firing of former FBI Director James Comey is at the discretion of the president. It is not Flakes place to judge. 


  • The majority of the money funding his campaign comes from people outside of Arizona.

This is a problem. He is supposed to represent the people of Arizona, not the other states. While having the support of all people is important, Flake has shown that he is about the money and not about the people. By supporting rhetoric outside of the Republican party, Flake has shown that he will support whoever funds him. 

Jeff Flake
Credit: Federal Election Commission Report for 2018 Election Cycle as of 2 June 2018
  • He gives the Republican Party of Arizona a bad name.

The headlines speak for themselves. 

“Do Republicans who criticize Trump face peril? Jeff Flake is about to find out. – Washington Post”

“‘Captain America’ calls out Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake -NBC 12 News”

“Senators Jeff Flake and Tim Kaine Introduce New AUMF -LawFare”

“Jeff Flake: No ‘Acceptable Rational’ For Comey Firing -The Daily Caller”

 “Sen. Jeff Flake: Subpoena Trump-Comey ‘tapes,’ evidence -AZCentral”

In closing, Senator Jeff Flake has shown himself to be a character not worthy of serving the people of Arizona. Through his actions, rhetoric, and personality he has shown that he is unfit to serve as a member of the United States Senate.