How Schools are Turning Children into Liberals

Last year, Harvard’s Institute of Politics conducted a poll among Americans thirty-years-old and younger concerning political leanings. 61% of young Americans described themselves as being left-leaning, a trend that is apparent in our society. This is in part due to colleges become highly liberal institutions, but also as a result of left-wing ideology being introduced as early as elementary and junior high school. 

Gender Studies 

Several elementary and middle schools around the U.S. have elected to teach young children about the “spectrum” of gender. Washington State has announced they will be teaching children about gender expression to kindergarteners. These students will continue to learn about sexuality and gender identity from elementary school through high school. 

The Fairfax County School Board voted in 2015 to provide an optional class on sexuality and gender identity for middle schoolers. With the concept of gender being on a spectrum becoming more popular of an idea, more schools may begin to follow suit. 

Teaching the scientifically flawed concept of gender being on a spectrum is potentially very damaging to young children. It’s greatly confusing to students that are just barely starting to gain an understanding of the world. Many children experience feelings of gender dysphoria prior to puberty, though 80-95% of pre-pubescent children grow out of these feelings, according to the American College of Pediatrics. The way educators may address confusion towards gender as the education system becomes more liberal could be harmful to developing minds.

Hating America

The manner in which middle schools and high schools teach American history is turning students against America and its values. Many middle and high school teachers demonize America’s history, condemning it as a racist nation with racist founders. They fail to recognize that we are the only nation to fight a war to end slavery, acting as though we are the only country to have that stain on our past. Many Western European countries, as well as Middle Eastern nations, were involved in the African slave trade. 

Schools today are teaching children that America’s involvement with slavery is not something we healed from, that we are a perpetually racist country. I have seen this myself as a student. Teachers ignore the equality of opportunity that we have in our nation today, as well as how much we’ve grown. This will lead to a distinct lack of patriots in the coming generations.  

My Own Experience

Having recently been a high school student myself, I’ve seen the liberal nature of educators and its impact on the classroom. I was a lone conservative in a mostly left-wing environment during my high school years. A student of the very pretentious-sounding International Baccalaureate, which was a very liberal program that I stumbled into unknowingly.

My teachers were openly liberal and this often had an impact on the classroom. I became the sole voice for the Conservative movement as a result during my time in high school.

Having said this, my experiences in high school helped me tune my arguments and realize the importance of the existence of a wide variety of viewpoints. On my last day of school, I received many comments on my liberal peers appreciation for my standing up for my beliefs. I believe that we can make real progress when we allow for a free exchange of ideas without criticism in a classroom setting.