Christian Conservative Students of America

Tristian Beard has long been a defender of Christian, conservative values. His advocacy of both earned him a spot as the head of the North Carolina Teens for Trump organization, but his activism didn’t stop there. In late March, Tristian officially announced his brainchild, the Christian Conservative Students of America. This new organization has two noble pillars: ministry and politics. 
CCSA is built around four moral fundamentals: advocacy for the unborn, support for a government that follows the Constitution, advocacy for Godly values in politics and policy, and support for Christian students who are oppressed on college campuses because of their beliefs. To make sure that they are able to advocate for each of their four ideological tenets, the CCSA has established an impressive model.
At the top of the CCSA food chain is the executive board, which consists of Tristian (executive director), Yasmine Janssen (co-executive director), and Declan Hurley (national secretary). They will lead a 50-state operation with nine structured regional divisions, where each area will have a chair that reports to the executive board. These chairs will keep tabs on the contributors, who will upload articles to the upcoming CCSA website, found within their jurisdiction. 
In order to expand the CCSA and work towards building this structure, the executive board agreed to launch a fundraiser on March 28, 2017. Almost $800 was raised overnight, and this money went towards building the CCSA website, creating a social media ad campaign that allowed the CCSA to build a solid following on FaceBook, and starting the planning stages of a CCSA speaking tour to spread the word via live, interpersonal contact. 
The goal of Tristan, the executive board, and the other members of the CCSA is to create a student-run organization with college chapters nationwide. CCSA will give meaningful support for conservative politicians who embody the values outlined in the Gospel, policy that shoots to achieve Godly aims, and college students who are discriminated against because of their beliefs. 
Thus far, the CCSA has been wildly successful because of the backing of former and current elected officials, religious figures, and the students themselves!