The Most Diverse Republican State Board in the Country


SAN MARCOS, Texas-April 8, 2017-The Texas Federation of College Republicans gathered for their annual spring convention to elect a new state board to serve the Federation. After listening to candidates speak, delegates to the convention voted and elected the most diverse College Republican State Board in the entire country. Three out of the four state board positions – a majority – are now occupied by minorities. Here is what the officers say about greater political participation among minority groups within the Republican party:

“For being the party of old white men, as the mainstream media likes to portray us, it’s incredible to see the diversity of leadership the next generation of Republicans has elected here in the great state of Texas. Our generation will build a Party that will bring in Americans of all religious, ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. Just wait and see.”

Colton Duncan, the newly elected State Chairman of Texas.


Colton is a Political Science major at Texas State University and now, serves as the Student Body Vice President. In addition to leadership on campus, he previously served as the Executive Director of the Texas Federation College Republicans as well as the President of the Texas State chapter. Colton works and studies at the Texas Capitol as a TCCRI Clements Legislative Scholar. Colton is the State Chair of the Texas Federation of College Republicans.  

“Being a minority in the Republican Party is a unique privilege to emphasize how conservatism can be beneficial to fellow minorities in their daily life. We break the social norms because we want tangible change that improves our communities.”

Marivious Allen, African-American and newly elected State Vice-Chairman of Texas.


Marivious Allen is a Political Science major at Baylor University. Marivious organized the grassroots movement for Dr. Ben Carson’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. He also directed communications for the College Republicans National Committee. After Dr. Ben Carson dropped out of the Presidential race, Marivious endorsed now President Trump, serving as the Southwest US Regional Director within Students for Trump. Marv is Baylor University’s College Republicans Co-Chairman, and he is now the Vice Chairman of the Texas Federation of College Republicans

“The Texas Federation of College Republicans needs young, hardworking, experienced candidates to carry on the mantle of leadership within the party. There are few people who best represent Texas’ changing demographics and are ambitious about strengthening the Republican Party’s values of personal liberty, personal responsibility, and fiscal prudence.”

– Shalom Soman, Indian-American and newly elected State Secretary of Texas.

Shalom Soman is a Business major at the University of Texas at Austin. He served on the Texas State Board of Directors as the State Outreach Director of Students for Trump. He then worked within the Republican Leadership Initiative as a volunteer field organizer for Texans for Greg Abbott. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Millennial Post, a conservative social media platform that has reached over 85 million people in its first three months after launching. Shalom is the Administrative Director of the College Republicans at Texas and is now the Secretary of the Texas Federation of College Republicans.

“I am proud to work with a qualified and diverse team that fights on the frontlines for the principles of limited government and free market enterprise on our college campuses – our country’s future.”

-Shawn Bhatia, a Sikh Indian-American and newly elected State Treasurer of Texas

Shawn Bhatia is a Finance major at the University of Houston. He was a Charles Koch Institute intern and a Development Intern for The Leadership Institute. Shawn advocated for the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund as a Policy Inter and served Congressman Ted Poe as a Congressional Intern in the U.S. House of Representatives. Now, Shawn is now the State Treasurer for TXFCR.

The Texas Federation of College Republicans is privileged to see its leadership reflecting some of the minority groups it represents and is ecstatic about the direction this organization goes. Diversifying leadership will help cement the Federation into communities yet reached by Republican policies. The newly elected state board will continue to give to the growth and influence of the Republican Party in Texas on college and university campuses statewide.

The Texas Federation of College Republicans is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. It would like to thank Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown for swearing-in this state board for a one-year term. College Republicans have produced more prominent conservative activists than any other organization in the country, and will continue to do so.



Colton Duncan has resigned from his position as Chairman of the Texas Federation of College Republicans. Marivious Allen has been sworn in as chairman. While it has not been formally announced a source from the College Republicans has stated that Jonah Wendt will be the new vice chairman. 


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