Why I’m Anti – Feminism

Society: How can you not be a feminist but be a woman?


  • Feminism promotes unhealthy body positivity. I am so (literally) sick of the beautification and attempted justification of unhealthiness. There is legitimately no argument that can be made against all the harsh reality that obesity kills. Telling people they will be happy at any size is simply a fallacy. They will not have the same quality of life as someone who takes care of themselves and is physically attractive and fit. If you want to feel positive, stop eating junk and exercise. I do not fall for the argument that it is too hard for people for choose healthy options because they are poor or uneducated because life is not fair; make it a priority. It does not cost money to run a mile or choose an apple instead of a bag of chips. “Some people are just bigger, “some people don’t have the resources,” and my personal favorite “it’s okay to be who you,” are some of my favorite attempts at positively legitimizing this scientific disease. As I proceeded to say how this is killing America while in a safe space at my college, I could have sworn I would be killed right there by the peaceful, tolerant left. There are beyond numerous diseases listed on government websites that can, and often do, result from being overweight. Thus, as is common when one does not take care of oneself, typically they will turn to the government to foot the bill and be the backbone as they slowly crumble into a deep abyss of unhappiness and lethargy. If you do not want to pay excessive medical bills, do your part and choose the carrots over the cake. I do understand there are severe medical complications that are truly unfortunate with no ability to prevent, and those are the ones in need of assistance. At the same time, this goes well beyond food. This infiltrates all aspects of society, such as through synthetic estrogens in our products and exposure to pollution. In some ways these things can be moderated by the individual. Make yourself a priority and stop relying on other feminists to build up fake happiness. In the words of Milo Yiannopoulos, “I am the biggest opponent of the fat acceptance movement.” It is harsh, but we are responsible for our own pursuit of happiness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0qcPyrPxsI
  • Feminism is not about supporting other women and gaining this so called notion of equality anymore. Today’s feminism in all of its specifics titles and subjective groups does not represent what it did a century ago. What rights do I, as a woman in America, truly not have? I can vote, I can choose my career, I can drive, etc. The wage gap is a myth, so that must not be it. I have never felt that the United States is holding me back. I have lived out the conservative principle of hard work before I even knew what conservatism was. I always studied hard and advanced in school from a young age. I kept myself healthy, even when it was an inconvenience. I made priorities and stuck to them. All of this was in the manner of chasing my goals, none of which were ever held back because I’m a “woman.” No one should receive special treatment for their gender.
  • Feminism picks and chooses its arguments. It does not account for the actual discrimination of women in other countries. Feminism of today is obsessed with spewing vulgarities in the form of genitalia apparel and demanding the government pay for their “non-government-intervention” choice to murder babies. It’s pretty embarrassing to be advocating for this when across the globe there are women who are persecuted under Sharia Law and are recipients of female genital mutilation. If feminism is supposed to be pro-women, then where is its presence in these circumstances? While these multifaceted, made up feminist ‘empowerment’ groups refuse to work for a day, express and dress themselves with unnecessary genitalia paraphernalia, and exercise their freedom of speech by protesting (not always peacefully), women in less developed countries are actually facing oppression. They do not have the luxury to simply skip a day of work to defend a made up idea, if have the opportunity to work at all. They do not have the option to express themselves under Sharia Law, God forbid it be with provocative genitalia. They certainly do not have freedom of speech. Choose an argument and stick with it across the board.
  • Feminism tells me it is wrong to want to be a mother and wife. As an independent, conservative woman, it is my choice to want a traditional family. I WANT to be a wife and mother. It is empowering to know this is what I want despite consistent attacks on conservative, and even more so, traditional views, and that I know I can achieve it. There is absolutely no belittling I have ever felt for being a woman besides from feminists who try to tear me down in this goal. Women’s History Month tells a story of how far we have come, not how far we still need to go. Feminism today makes me feel less than what I know I am and what I can be because by forcefully telling me how I am institutionally discriminated against, will receive significantly less pay (which is not true; again, the wage gap is a myth), and am an object to anyone who looks at me, I feel discouraged. Why tell women what is not true? Is not feminism all about encouraging and supporting women in their dreams? Apparently not; it has become about overthrowing some abstract, nonexistent oppressive patriarchy and stepping ahead of men. While motherhood is certainly an occupation under attack, I would appreciate my fellow females in supporting it. Is that not what feminism is inherently all about, supporting other females in sisterhood? Or is it about attempting to distinguish ourselves from men by systematically condemning those who are not like us?
  • Feminism destroys masculinity. The real war on women is the destruction of the family. The idea that gender is a social construct does not include the fact that women have been homemakers for centuries and have done an amazing job at supporting the men who have battled to survive and make civilizations great. With it becoming more and more common to lose traditional womanly characteristics, it is resulting in feminization of men. Brad Paisley explains this well in his song “I’m Still A Guy.” “Its hip not to be feminized.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jln3QBsHQGI. In relation to point number one, body positivity is a huge factor of this. Why is it so wrong to want a man who provides for the family and takes initiative? As I would never want to sacrifice my femininity for what society tells me should be acceptable, I would never wish that men sacrifice their protectiveness and strength for a culture that tells them it is sexist to do so. Chivalry may not exist for feminists that pride themselves on false power and reject simple politeness of men, but it does exist for those of us that reject their anti-women culture. While feminists idolize eugenist Margaret Sanger for her invention of birth control to alter racial demographics, real women are idolizing the ideologies of Margaret Thatcher. Real women are being inspired by Nancy Reagan, Phyllis Schafley, and, brace yourselves, successful men. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dying-breed-real-men-jacob-bass


Me: Because modern American feminism in its entirety has failed me as a woman.