Students Berated for Stickers on Laptop

“It’s really upsetting to see young people advocating for sexual assault.”

Stickers on LaptopThis is how a confrontation started in a coffee shop on Illinois State University’s campus. Two girls, Delainey Trost and Faith Villapiano were sitting peacefully, doing homework, when an older woman approaches them a begins accosting them because of the stickers on their laptops. The laptop with the stickers that were so ‘controversial’ are on the left.

At first, the girls just tried to ignore the woman, but she continued to repeat herself, while standing in front of them in a very forceful way, leaving them no choice but to respond. This unidentified woman is caught on tape abrasively arguing against the girl’s’ political beliefs. Trost said that the older woman left no room to have a reasonable discussion about their differing viewpoints, as she said things such as, “You all are Republicans so you advocate for sexual assault!”, and that “Republicans are murderers.”  The clips of video of the encounter were captured by a bystander; and while there is less than two minutes of footage, the abrasive, rude and disrespectful comments continued close to forty minutes.

In the video, Trost is heard saying that she “respects (the woman’s) views, and with have an argument with (her) with facts-” and is immediately cut off again by saying “You don’t have facts!”

After forty minutes of this woman trying to tear apart Trost and Villapiano’s political views on subjects such as abortion, school choice, and more, she was finally fed up. The older woman said “You all should be ashamed and embarrassed of your beliefs, and should expect people to start confronting you,” then stormed out of the coffee shop, without ever ordering a thing.