The Rubin Report: A show about ideas. Not People.

Dave Rubin is the most unique political talk show host on the internet, and anywhere. His show is called The Rubin Report and it’s about the battle of ideas. Twice a week Dave welcomes a guest on to discuss a range of issues for an hour. It’s a long interview without the yelling and screaming from the talking heads that you hear about in the mainstream media.

The show welcomes all ideas, good or bad, and the focus is to not shut down any idea, but instead to allow ideas to be heard. A wide range of political quests have appeared on The Rubin Report ranging from Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris Milo Yiannoplous, Adam Corolla, Father Bishop, Glenn Beck,  Larry King, and several other people from all different backgrounds. Everyone who enters the Rubin Report is treated the same, he doesn’t favor guests and gives them time explain their views.

Who Is Dave Rubin?

Who is Dave Rubin, and why is his show gaining so much traction? Every other political talk show takes an angle, but his show doesn’t pick a side.

He’s a former progressive who hosted his own show for the progressive new site The Young Turks, and before that, he was a co-host of The Six-Pack a gay podcast Sirius XM Satellite radio, which was one of the top comedic podcasts on the internet.

According to Dave, for most of his life he saw himself as a liberal, and a progressive, because these were the people he saw that always fought for the oppressed, and who wouldn’t want to be on the side that defends the voiceless, and gives them a voice?

According to Dave that all changed when Ben Affleck and Sam Harris were on Real Time with Bill Maher. The video is confusing because Sam Harris and Bill Maher, both staunch liberals, were accused of racism for their critique of Islam.

The next day the media followed Affleck’s lead, and there were articles upon articles, retailing how Sam and Bill were both racists and that they should apologize for their comments. Soon the Network Rubin was working for The Young Turks followed, and they began to attack Sam Harris on almost a constant basis.

Rubin has explained over and over how this didn’t make any sense to him, there was nothing in his mind racist about this. Cenk Uyger the founder of The Young Turks was responsible for most of the character assassination and eventually, let Sam come onto his show to defend himself for a 3-hour interview. The interview didn’t fix anything, and Cenk continued his attack on Harris.

Rubin looked back on this on the Joe Rogan Podcast a year later, and described how he felt watching the interview:

“I was having a headache, because I couldn’t believe that the person that I work for. The person who I respect, who I play basketball with every Sunday. That he was so dense to the ideas that Sam was portraying. And at the end of it, just like I said to you before, would I have made this conversation better. Cenk only doubled down on all of this shit, because they don’t want to debate ideas.”

Rubin left The Young Turks on good terms, and besides this sound bite has said very little about his past network, and has remained positive about their influence in his life. This is a great thing to note, that Dave besides his clear opinions on this has remained civil and refuses to be negative in any way.

Dave graduated from Binghamton University in 1998, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. After college, Rubin ended up going into standup comedy.

This eventually led Dave into Podcasting where he was the co-host of The Six Pack, a gay comedy show on SiriusXM.

Rubin describes himself as being a Classical Liberal, who believes in limited government. He still follows the same liberal principles that he’s had since he was younger. He described on Tucker Carlson’s show that he always thought liberals were the good guys fighting for the voiceless. In his opinion he hasn’t changed as a liberal, liberals have just become more regressive and hateful.

On his show, he’s made it very clear that in his opinion there is a difference between a liberal and a regressive leftist – the modern left doesn’t want to debate ideas, they just want to degrade their opponent, while a liberal wants a free society where people debate ideas.

His show doesn’t take a stance, except for the belief in free speech, and fighting those who want to restrict free speech. He has stated several times, that apart of his job involves trying to help his side, and fellow liberals go back to their principles. That include free speech and the belief in the individual.

Rubin, despite his liberal leanings, voted for Gary Johnson and has teamed up with Learn Liberty to do videos that focus on the individual. Which is why he calls himself a classical liberal, because of his belief in the individual. The reason the left has become regressive according to Dave Rubin is because of a collectivist attitude, and identity politics. Rubin has become so passionate about issues like Free Speech because the left tries to silence anyone who doesn’t share their values.

It is clear now that Dave’s warnings were right, especially after what happened at Berkley when Milo spoke there, to what just happened at Berkley just this last weekend. When people judge other people by their skin color, or their sex, instead of their character, then people create victims and call the people who aren’t apart of this victimized class the oppressors.

In a video, he did with PragerU entitled Why I left the Left he describes this type of thinking as the oppression Olympics where people compete to see who’s the most offended.


His show continues to grow with an audience that consists of liberals, conservatives, independent, and libertarians. It’s obvious that most people are tired of identity politics, and noise that plagues the 24-hour news cycle. It’s nice to have a show that involves the discussion of ideas and welcomes all opinions.

Dave Rubin at age 41 is helping to change the way people see politics and the political spectrum, while at the same time clearing up the original definition of the word liberal so it’s not a dirty word anymore. 

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