Thank you God for Pot… Legalization


No! This is not some article from some doped out hippy liberal that lives in his parent’s basement (the truth is I live upstairs).

This article is written by a young college student who lives in Colorado, and has lived in Colorado for while – before pot legalization (the dark days). The facts before and after the legalization doesn’t go with the side that is against legalization.

Marijuana used to be a controversial issue, and it was almost universally believed that it should be illegal in the 1970’s, while today more states than ever before are voting for legalization. 

Today this position is shared by both people on the right and the left. The belief that marijuana should be illegal is on it’s way to becoming the extreme position. Gallup’s latest poll on this issue shows 60 percent support for legalization. Gallup has a chart that shows the level of support in the past 50 years, and in 1972 only 15 percent supported legalization.

In 40 years that is a huge shift in public opinion.

Now let’s discuss the state that I live in. Part of the reason for this difference in opinion is partly, because of the states that have experimented with legalization.

The top argument against pot legalization is that it would increase crime, but the opposite has occurred in Colorado. Just in the first year of legalization property crime rates in Denver fell 14.6%, and violent crimes dropped 2.4 percent, and it continues to decrease.

When something like pot is legal the black market can no longer compete against the legal businesses, which leads to more money in the hands of people who aren’t criminals. Which is why crime is also falling since it’s been legalized. People who smoked before legalization were considered criminals in the eyes of the law, now they are customers do a million dollar industry. Just from 2001 to 2010 over 8.2 million people were arrested for selling or having marijuana.

So, when a victimless crime is no longer a crime, it’s obvious that people no longer go to jail for doing that supposed crime.

The other argument popular argument against legalization is that it makes people lazy. Well, Colorado has destroyed that belief.

Welcome to the life of the pot smoking capitalist.

There are over 300 marijuana shops around the state, and thousands of jobs have been created because of legalization. The rules of economics are on marijuana’s side, and it continues to grow. with new businesses entering the market every day.

Not only are there shops everywhere, there are also distributors, working with these businesses.

Everyone likes to talk about the tax revenue that marijuana produces, but as a libertarian, that’s not one of my talking points. The taxation received from this product, hurts the pot economy, and discourages a lot of people from joining it, and takes away from the people this industry can hire.

On Thursday April 20th, the first drive-thru pot shop opened, and it’s another game changer. Tumbleweed express drive thru released the business on 4/20. Who would have ever thought that the thrill of going to get some pot could turn into the same thrill of going to McDonalds.

Image result for tumbleweed express drive thru

This is just one example of the things that can happen when a stoner gets a loan and starts a business.

Even though Marijuana is something that’s not for me (unless Clinton appears on the news screen) I still believe in the right for people to do use it for any reason.

Marijuana has approved the state I live in, and yeah that’ it.