Prager University: The Next Organization to Censor Journalists

Thursday, April 20th Prager University and National PragerFORCE National Director Devon Mirsky sent out an email stating that they would censor people who offend them. “Freedom of speech is a natural right. The First Amendment protects individuals from the government, not private action. No individual is guaranteed a platform or space for their speech.”

See the document attached: 


What makes this ironic is that PragerU has a Free to Think section on their website guaranteeing the right and freedom to think freely and speak about what you think.

In addition to what has transpired today at PragerU. The Blaze also fired political commentator Tomi Lahren from her show Final Thoughts. They took access away from her right to free speech by blocking her from using her own verified Facebook page.

Yesterday, Fox News terminated the employment of Bill O’Reilly on his show the O’Reilly Factor and have agreed to pay him $25 million which is the equivalent of one years salary. He left under allegations of sexual assault.

PragerU is known for their youtube videos that make things simple by educating youth on conservative values. The non-profit was founded by Dennis Prager who has appeared on Fox News and CNN numerous times.

Turning Point USA is an organization that was founded by Charlie Kirk. The organization prides itself on supporting the values of free speech guaranteed by the first amendment and they work with many other organizations to ensure that they can express their free speech.

See the following Tweet from the TPUSA leader:


Students must be able to have free speech. It is a fundamental right. Silencing someone who disagrees with you is the cowards way out. End of Discussion.