Black Conservative Federation calls out Black Lives Matter

On Wednesday, April 19th leader of the Black Conservative Federation Diante Johnson called out the Black Lives Matter movement in a Facebook live video.

During his video, he calls out Black Lives Matter for their backward racism saying “Does it only matter when it’s a white police officer, or a white American doing something to a black American.

He calls out the movement saying that the group is a bunch of people who want to cause a ruckus. During this video, he made a plea stating that he truly wants to hear it from their perspective. He states he think the group just wants to cause tension.

During his video, Diante, talks about how the Black Lives Matter movement only covers events that effect blacks in a negative context and not a positive one.


About The Black Conservative Federation (Taken from their Facebook):

“It is long since past a time for real, lasting change in the culture of Black urban areas in our country; the Black Conservative Foundation (BCF) was established in 2016 to advocate for that change. The BCF elevates the Black conservative movement with the specific goals of economic stability, educational support, and increased community involvement for those urban areas harmed by impotent liberal policies that have plagued our communities for over fifty years. Our motto is, “All are welcome” because the people we serve have a seat waiting for them at the conservative table.”

About Black Lives Matter (Taken from their Facebook):

“Our mission is to raise awareness about racism, bigotry, police brutality and hate crimes by exposing through social media locally and internationally stories that mainstream media don’t. We will do this by getting support from people who also want to build a movement for change that is made by the people for the people who are dedicated to proactively and peacefully standing up, speaking out and educating others until racism is not acceptable or tolerated by society. We have built an enormous following through hard work, dedication and the generosity of supporters that pitch in a little, promote or share our page and believe in what we are trying to do. We are not bankrolled by corporations.”