Extra Credit Bias at West Virginia University

Many people across the country have heard about the scandal involving Milo Yiannopoulos at West Virginia University (WVU) a few months back. Sociology professor, Daniel Brewster, held an extra credit event on campus on the same day and time that Milo was supposed to speak in order to dissuade students from going to see him. The scandal resulted when Yiannopoulos called him out for doing this. Brewster’s liberal extra credit events have since continued at WVU. 

Out of curiosity, I attended an ACLU event put on by the university. I often like to attend events based on differing views from my own, with the purpose of expanding my perspective. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was that it was packed, so I began talking to the people around me and asking why they were there. Every single student I spoke to said they were attending for extra credit for Daniel Brewster’s class.  At this point, I was just hoping it wouldn’t be terrible; considering that Brewster’s typical viewpoints are rather extreme.  

As the presentation began, the first slide read “Confronting Bigotry”. Strike one.  The ACLU speakers then proceed to push the rhetoric that cops are inherently racist, and situations like the following happen so frequently that it is something that one needs to be prepared to deal with:

“Case Study- Situation: You are walking down the street and you see a police officer yelling racial slurs and roughly handling a civilian.”

The speakers then told us to discuss with the people around us how we would personally deal with this situation and then share aloud.

According to a student in Brewster’s class, he had apparently offered another extra credit assignment the previous week, where the class had to watch a K-pop video and “answer questions regarding their masculinity and femininity.” Then they were supposed to use the info and decide how they sexually identified.

The professors at West Virginia University will find any way possible to push their liberal ideologies onto their students, who are desperate just to have acceptable grades in college. Educators using the desperation of students to push an ideological agenda is clearly wrong, as no alternatives were offered if a student felt uncomfortable with the assigned extra credit options. Funny how “comfort” and “safe spaces”, only apply for liberal students who don’t want to be around differing ideologies.