Political Violence Erupts in Berkeley. Again.

A pro-free speech rally was held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California, on Saturday, April 15th. It was quickly disrupted by the “Antifascist” protesters. The rally eventually erupted into violence.

The event was organized by Rich Black, the same guy who organized the ‘March 4 Trump’ rally last month that also lead to violence, and featured a number of “controversial” speakers such as Lauren Southern and Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman). The counter-protesters in attendance held signs that read along the lines of “Far-right don’t just wanna talk” and “White supremacy is terrorism.”

Items such as fireworks, bottles, traffic cones, bricks, rocks, and trash cans were thrown into the crowd. Some people, such as Lauren Southern, ended up getting maced. It still got into her eyes, despite her wearing protective equipment. She also had an M-80 (explosive) thrown at her which bounced off of her helmet.

In a conversation with Stefan Molyneux about the incident, Lauren stated that:

“The fact that I needed to go and buy a respirator, a helmet, and a face mask to go to a political event in America just shocks me.”

At least eleven people have been treated for injuries and more than twenty have been arrested. Multiple items such as sticks, stun guns, an ax handle, a concrete-filled can, and knives were confiscated by authorities. BPD is expected to continue making arrests after reviewing evidence as it surfaces on the social media.

However, when the violence actually began to erupt on the scene, police could be found sitting in their vehicles. After, of course, disallowing weapons at the event for those in attendance to protect themselves and promising that they would ensure everyone’s safety with their presence. They were the only ones armed with riot gear and in bulletproof vests. Yet, the video footage shows that they didn’t exactly keep their word. Prompting the attendees of the event to push back themselves.  

In a video on her YouTube channel, Lauren expressed the following:

“Do I like that this is the state of political discourse in 2017, when I have to wear a freaking gas mask to go give a speech? No, but it is the reality we live in because the media, the government, and education systems have radicalized a bunch of unstable teenagers.”

The violence at political events has become a recurring theme lately. However, this time the outcome was slightly different. Instead of just allowing themselves to be subject to it, and instead of waiting for the police to ultimately do very little about the problem, they finally pushed back with their fists and showed Antifa that they’re not going to put up with it anymore.