Chris Kyle: The American Sniper’s Birthday

Today, April 8th, is Chris Kyle’s birthday. Chris Kyle was an American Hero. He was a Chief Petty Officer attached to the United States Navy SEAL Team 3 as a sniper. Kyle served four tours in the Iraq war. He was honorably discharged in 2009 after receiving many awards including the Silver Star, four bronze stars, and the navy and marine corps achievement medal.

After leaving the military the former Chief Petty Officer wrote a best-selling autobiography called “American Sniper” in 2012. That book was later produced as a film directed by Clint Eastwood.

On February 2, 2013 Kyle was killed at a shooting range by a former marine with PTSD. Chris leaves behind a strong legacy that he has built by serving his country honorably. His wife Taya Kyle is an author, commentator and military veterans activist. She lets Chris’s legacy shine through her as she attends numerous speaking events. She is a very humble woman.

Mrs. Kyle formed the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation for veterans and their families in 2014. The foundation’s mission is to “Honor God, Country, and Families who serve by providing experiences that strengthen military and first responder marriages and families.” They achieve this through providing time and space to reconnect after deployment without the distractions of everyday life, offer power to the return of the family unit, and finally provide a new common ground after military involvement.

Mrs. Kyle is a strong advocate from members of the military past and present and their families. She takes the time to share the stories of his service through speeches. She is a very kind a humble woman who helps people.