Trump is to blame for the failure of the Obamacare replacement Bill

  No one ever takes the blame for anything that goes wrong in government. The blame is always shifted to the people who oppose them, it never goes through anyone’s head that they can be the one that made the mistake. Almost every Trump supporter is going after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and the Freedom Caucus for the failure of the AHCA. Which doesn’t make any sense, they agree Ryan wrote a horrible piece of legislation, and the Freedom Caucus fought the bill, and eventually killed it. So, if Paul Ryan is to blame for trying to push a horrible bill, then why isn’t President Trump blamed by conservatives for pushing this bill? The Republicans in the Freedom Caucus were against this bill from the start, and are pushing for a free market alternative, which is why they endorsed Rand Paul’s bill. Trump took to Twitter Thursday to attack the Freedom Caucus.

Donald Trump is not being tricked by the ‘swamp’ like Rand Paul as they claim he is and other Republicans who opposed the failed bill. The President is not a dumb person, his support for the bill was real. His attack of the Freedom Caucus is real. He doesn’t like losing (that is apparent) neither does his fan base. And this is a loss for Donald Trump. During the election, the largest accusation from fellow Republican against the current president was that he is not conservative enough, Ted Cruz and a lot of other prominent conservatives referred to him as a New York Liberal; this health care debacle backs up their claims. On Thursday Trump’s largest media booster broke with him on this healthcare debacle and defended the freedom caucus. During Hannity’s opening monologue he said, “Now in my opinion, it’s not the Freedom Caucus that’s responsible for the GOP failure in this case to repeal and replace Obamacare, now this legislation was flawed from the beginning. It was created behind closed doors. Not one single member saw the bill until it was rolled out. And that made it a disaster.”

“Now I don’t know who’s telling the White House to focus their anger on the Freedom Caucus, but I do think it’s misplaced, because the Freedom Caucus, I’ve talked to them, they want to make a deal, and they want the win for the president and the country.”

Laura Ingraham who’s also a conservative radio host and Fox News contributor is with Hannity on this one. She too defended the Freedom Caucus, and blamed the White House for not being “as involved as it should have been” in making a deal. Ingraham was a candidate for White House press secretary under Trump, which shows the ridiculousness of the president blaming the Freedom Caucus for his failures “It’s ridiculous at this point to start pointing fingers at the Freedom Caucus, I don’t understand Donald Trump’s tweets at all about that today.” Ingraham and Hannity both went after Trump for blaming the Freedom Caucus, but continue to defend the President over this healthcare failure even though he’s the one that continues to push for it and is not willing to work with them to find a better plan. Why aren’t conservatives holding the president accountable for his actions? Hannity has spent time attacking Ryan for writing this plan in secret. Alongside that the plan that was written was basically Obamacare 2.0, but there’s been no accountability for Trump, even though that was the bill he wanted. This is the bill insurance companies want because it adds even more subsidies from Obamacare, and keeps in place a lot of the regulations that keeps new insurance companies from entering. So, of course this bill is perfect for the swamp, it gives the politicians who receive money from these company’s bonus points from these companies to help pass it. The bill is crony capitalism at its finest, and no one is looking at Trump. For a man who campaigned on draining the swamp, he seems to enjoy the swamp. His actions speak louder than words.