Video: Why Socialism is a Bad Concept

Socialism is a concept that has been around for a long time. Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders (D) of Vermont brought the strong socialism concept back to politics in the last election cycle in the form of so called Democratic Socialism. Socialism is like drugs and alcohol, it gives you temporary hope and a high but in the end will crash and burn.

They should not take money from the rich in order to give it to others. That is theft.  Taking more money than is necessary in taxation is theft as well.

“Taxation is theft.” “Socialism Sucks!” – Turning Point USA

Those who work hard for their money deserve to keep it. Many of those who are wealthy have foundations or donate to causes that they feel strongly about. Taking their money and giving it to others is not only stealing but it is morally and ethically wrong. We must have a hierarchy of classes when it comes to finance because if everyone is equal no one will want to work to earn anything in their lives.

Please see this video of a journalist from Brazil on Socialism:


Why Socialism is theft:

If people want to be successful they should have to work for it just like everyone has in the past. You should not have resources handed to you. You should have old traditional values of going to college, working for a living and building something great for yourself. Believing that you should have things handed to you is a selfish way of thinking. Work hard, play hard.

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