Selena Lopez: The Political Failure

Selena Lopez is a woman living in Peeples, Arizona according to her Facebook and claims that she is a conservative but talks down among other political candidates that are in her party. Many do not understand how someone running for public office can act so inappropriate. A lot of her behavior seems to be attention seeking.

Things to know about Selena:

  1. She has no respect. If you look at her personal Facebook profile seen here you will see many “F” bombs on her page, many memes flipping you off and many disrespectful comments.
  2. She speaks without having all the information. She does not get the understanding of opinion based journalism or what an Op-Ed is.
  3. selena lopezShe makes false claims. She has said things that are not true or correct. For example, claiming that Kelli Ward was not treating a patient when she was.
  4. Selena has very little support. On her profile she has a little under 5,000 friends, and her page has 100 likes. In comparison to Kelli Ward who she has attacked many times. Dr. Ward has 4,000 followers on her personal page and is just a little shy of 55,000 likes on her public page.
  5. Candidate Lopez illegally claims on her Facebook page to be a non-profit organization. The Internal Revenue Service strictly prohibits non-profit organization from campaigning for political candidates. See the rule here. See he Facebook Page claiming she is a non-profit organization below.
  6. She insults the voters. Regardless of who you support you should not disrespect the voters. Hilary Clinton made this mistake when she referred to the voters of deplorable’s.
  7. Lopez does not care about the people or anything for that matter as seen in her statement below.
  8. She likes to curse a lot.                                                                      _
  9. Selena uses hashtags instead of tagging people because she is scared of their responses. She needs her safe space. She blocks people because she does not want to have a conversation but rather insult people.                                                                               
  10. She is willing to threaten people.                            
  11. Lopez loves to personally attack people without knowing the facts.
  12. Her supporters are leaving her for her behavior. She has been uninvited the Red, White, and Blue March!
  13. She has not filed the correct paperwork with the Federal Election Commission many times. See the latest report as of February 2017 below.


Hopefully, Miss Lopez can learn how to control her maladaptive behaviors.


Good morning Arizona!

Well it seems Michael Moates really knows what he is talking about.

I took the liberty to post his “news article” about me and my lies.

In this articles he lists things; my hate of America, my failure to file the correct paper work with the FEC, my use of “hashtags”.

America, I was not aware that there was a portion of America who was interested in whether I used this symbol “#” or this symbol “@”.

Now this is the kind of news I want to know about, who uses the “#” or who uses the “@” symbols.

He says I, on my personal Facebook page, a free social media platform I write and I quote, “She has no respect. If you look at her personal Facebook profile seen here you will see many “F” bombs on her page, many memes flipping you off and many disrespectful comments.


The world is coming to an end because Joanne Selena Lopez Cervantez drops the F*** bomb, uses the finger flipping meme and have many disrespectful comments.

I speak without having all the information and don’t know the difference between an op-ed and and opinion based journalism. Really? That is your argument Michael Moates.

So Michael Moates, why don’t you educated me?

Arizona, I don’t know the difference between an op-ed and an opinion based journalism.

“An op-ed (originally short for “opposite the editorial page”) is a piece typically published by newspapers, magazines, and the like which expresses the opinions of a named author usually not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board.”

Opinion journalism is journalism that makes no claim of objectivity. Although distinguished from advocacy journalism in several ways, both forms feature a subjective viewpoint, usually with some social or political purpose. Common examples include newspaper columns, editorials, editorial cartoons, and punditry.

So Michael Moates, which one are you? One says your opinions don’t matter, the other your article is based on “objectivity”, you have a purpose with your so called “journalism”. You area hack.

He said I make false claims.

What is that false claim? That said that the “patient”, not victim that Kelli Ward was attending to was not a “patient”. This is the false claim.

You know folks I am going to stop here.

His facts are about as accurate as him claiming “I am running for office”, I am not until I pay off my debts, a concept that fails the candidate that this stringed inanimate object is supporting.

This so call journalist is just another NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, CNBC wanna be.

But don’t take my word for it, you be the judge and read the article if you can get through it without falling asleep.…/selena-lopez-political-…/