Marine Le Pen and the Far-right movement that is growing in France

When the world is so focused on what’s going on the politics of America: it feels like we are the only country that matters, and our decisions alone affect the world. The truth is that other major countries decisions affect us as much as we affects them.

Since the beginning of this country France has been our ally, and no matter who is in power we have always had each other’s back. One of America’s greatest gifts came from the French – The Statue of liberty. After 9/11 France stood with the US, and after the Paris attacks a couple years ago, the US stood with France. It is a strong bond between two sovereign nations that seems as though it will last for many years to come.

Last year, as everyone knows there were two major referendum’s in the world and both changed the way people see politics.

The first vote that changed the political world was Brexit (England leaving the European Union), and then Donald Trump’s victory. Both events were a result of immigration policy, globalization, and socialist policies. The problem is rural working class people felt like their countries were losing their identity. In addition they felt they were losing control of their nations. Instead are being influenced or even controlled culturally, politically and economic by outside forces. It was a scream for sovereignty that rang across continents…

Honestly there is a far-right populist movement that is occurring around the world; depending on your opinions this could be a really bad thing or a really good thing.

Traditional rural peoples feel ever more forgotten. Since policy is less and less catered to them. Instead it’s catered toward large corporations and growing urban population centers. Alienation is a common feeling among blue-collar workers who are being left by changing economies. This is what many speculate led to the Trump Presidency, and this might be what’s needed for Marine Le Pen of the French National Front to become Frances President.

The French National Front

For years, the National Front was seen hard right-wing minority party. That is until Marine Le Pen became rose to leadership within the party in 2011. She has rid the party of its earlier racist and anti-Semitic image, and has turned it into something extremely popular as it continues to expand its growing grasp over France.

Her father Jean-Marie Le Pen was the founder of the party, which he started in 1972. The relationship between the two is a matter of controversy especially after a public falling out, when he claimed that, ‘Nazi gas chambers had been but a detail of history’. She has publicly denounced much of the anti-Semitic rantings from her father, and kicked him out of the party in 2011.

Le Pen’s Platform:

Marine Le Pen’s platform goes farther than President Trumps Nationalistic platform on every issue. She wants France to transform into a self sufficient country; Le Pen wants a France for the French

On Banking:

She wants to restore Frances National Currency back to the Frank and leave the Euro, to restore “Legislative, monetary, territorial, and economic sovereignty,” back to her country. Her plan also gets rid of EU regulation that bans withdrawal of deposits on life insurance and savings.

On Taxes/Trade:

Le Pen is in favor of what she calls “smart protectionism” and wants her administration and government to support French companies. In this so called smart protectionism plan is the banning of imports on goods that don’t respect French norms. When it comes to foreign workers Le Pen wants to add tax, and lower the income tax for the three lowest income brackets for French citizens.  

On Europe/Security:

Her campaign wants to organize a referendum on France’ European Union members. She also wants to create a 6,000 strong border control police unit, and pull out of the Schengen accord which gives people the freedom to move where they want in Europe. Alongside that she wants to hire 15,000 extra police and security forces, rebuild local intelligence service, and build a new aircraft carrier.

On Liberties:

The collection of data protection plans and the collection is this data storage and serves must stay in France. She wants to get rid of the 2014 law that allowed same-sex marriage and go back to calling it civil unions, and she wants to ban surrogacy.

On Immigration:

Her largest talking point on this issue is the cutting of  200,000 legal immigrants every year to legal 10,000 a year, and, she wants cuts to immigrant’s access to public services. Her plan involves the ban of automatic naturalization that’s given to immigrant spouses. Some of the localized nationalist populist aspects of her policy is the avocation for the French language, by restricting the use of all foreign languages in schools, and by putting French flags on all public buildings. Lastly she wants to do what is already popular in the United States and mimic the policy of ‘automatic deportation’ of any criminal who is from another country.

She is a top tier candidate for a party that’s been the laughing stock of France for years. It’s most likely, because of her message delivery and her targeting of the working class who around Europe feel forgotten that she will be a formidable candidate in Frances next elections.

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