America: Land of The Entitled, Home of The Offended

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Liberty is one of the fundamental pillars that make America great but this liberty has been increasingly threatened for the last 50 years.

Tyranny is constantly knocking on our back door, but hope lies in the idea that freedom is also one generation away from reformation. I believe the ideas our country established independence on are slowly withering into the graves of governmental oppression. In talking about the increase of government interjection, we will also discuss why the constitution is worth conserving.

American Principles

America was founded on the principle that rights cannot be given, nor taken away because they are inalienable and they are inherent to everyone’s existence. We’re granted these rights by whatever, or whomever, you believe is superior to humanity; whether that be a supernatural god or objective morality. John Locke referred to “god” as the State of Nature or Natural Law.

In Locke’s mind, no ruling force should control you, because we are all born equal, “The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which requires everyone’s reason and teaches mankind to consult that reason. Being equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” This philosophy is what birthed the self-governing union known today as the United States of America.

Inherent morality is what this country was built on and a belief shared by our Founding Fathers, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that which among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” No one person, nor group of people, can take these rights away because nothing, other than objective morality, is superior to man.

One factor that seems to be forgotten about equality is that rights apply to everyone… especially the government.

Why should we voluntarily give up our inalienable rights to some group of selfish politicians who have their own best interest in mind?

The Foundation Of The Republic

Our founding fathers understood that every government is susceptible to corruption and that direct democracy meant a tyrannical majority. So instead of another democracy inevitable to fail, we created a Constitutional Republic focused on individual rights and limited government. This is where the phrase “don’t tread on me” originates. We live in a nation where our success and freedom is determined by our personal responsibility, not by a federal government dictating our lives. Our founders knew that federal governments are nameless, faceless, entities accountable to nobody.

Our present federal government is perceived to have infinite knowledge, unlimited power, and ubiquitous presence. Government has become the “God” which has the power to grant us rights and dictate our liberty. At the end of the day the government is just an assembly of people, equally as susceptible to sin and corruption as a single person. Our Federal Government is responsible for protecting our individual liberty, protecting the nations sovereignty, and promoting justice through law and order. Nothing more and nothing less.

Modern America

Modern America no longer exemplifies its most fundamental principles. We’ve become a nation of over arching federal powers, restrictive regulations, uncontrollable minimum wage, burdensome tax policies, universal health care programs, and ever-expansive social welfare systems. Some of these principles may seem reasonable in theory but they are faulty in practice.

Take social welfare for instance. The idea that the government should be responsible for assisting our poor seems rather progressive, but the implicit consequences far out way the explicit benefits. Implicitly welfare undermines the American dream, requires mass seizure of property, makes the rich richer, and requires an increase in federal power; which are all fundamentally anti-American principles.

“As human beings we have an obligation, no a duty, to help the less fortunate. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in Haiti and Jamaica its that even the most well intentioned actions to help others can become the very thing that’s holding the less fortunate back from succeeding.

Haiti’s economy was crippled and still is today even after $14 billion poured into the tiny island, post earthquake. It wasn’t the money itself that did the damage; the bureaucrats who controlled and distributed the money did the damage.

These Bureaucrats were chosen to control and distribute the money because they were deemed to ‘know the communities’. U.S. and UN bureaucrats decided who will get money and how the money will be spent all the way from New York. Not surprisingly… when more and more layers of government oversight is added, the individual making those decisions at the top becomes more and more disconnected from the needs of those they’re trying to help.

The money was lost in translation finding its way into pockets of big business donors and funding programs that didn’t fit Haiti’s individual needs. So what’s the lesson to be learned in terms of American welfare? If you really care about an issue (like planned parenthood, poverty, or minority rights), then you shouldn’t trust a self-interested bureaucrat to spend that money for you. If you truly care about an issue you should take the time to get involved and do some research on a specific cause. That way 100% of your donation will go to the cause.” (Tanner Avery, Montana State University)

Originally, welfare was supposed to come from state and local powers and be exclusively for people who are either physically or mentally incapable of working. Currently the only prerequisite for welfare seems to be the existence of a heartbeat, not to mention that only $.3 of every tax dollar actually goes to supporting the poor.

This is because modern bureaucrats are more concerned with the interests of donors and lobbyists than they are with voters. The money they democratically steal from Americans and promise to use in order to help the poor, actually ends up paying for political favors and luxurious lifestyles.

Contrary to the democratic platform, the solution isn’t more federal power and seizure of property. The more money the government seizes the more money that will be lost in translation. The true solution is the same solution our founding fathers were seeking 250 years ago, total freedom from government overreach. Welfare is just one of the many examples how implicit consequences negatively effect partisan policy.

Freedom Isn’t Free

For one to have faith that the government will overcome its inevitable corruption is both naïve and contrary to historical precedence. If you can’t handle paying for your own birth control, paying for your own healthcare, or creating a prosperous life for you and your family than you can’t handle being an American. And if that’s the case than I would politely suggest moving to a country where those privileges are rights; but please don’t vote away my freedom because you can’t handle yours.

That’s not to say I have no empathy however. I come from a family where I have experienced multiple divorces, adultery, sexual assault, foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, and repossession; I just don’t believe the solution is waiting for a hand out. What we’ve witnessed over the last 50 years is the progressive bureaucracy taking over our rights, killing the American dream, and ultimately killing America in the name of social change.

The forefathers would be disappointed in this country to say the least. I have a firm belief that America is dying if not already dead. A geographical location or group of people has never defined America; America is a set of ideologies. Once those ideologies cease to exist so too does the greatest nation in human history.

We are the United States of exercising our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When we patriotically wave our flag it’s because we are so god damn proud to be free from government oppression. When we chant USA it’s because we love our liberty and accept the challenge of personal responsibility. And when we launch fireworks in the air it’s because we love our fellow-Americans more than any shadowy government.

I’m proud to be an American and I will do everything in my power to preserve the values that this country was founded on. And in a modern America where citizens are more likely to burn our flag than wave it…

What are you doing to reinforce her values and prevent her from extinction?