Generation Onward: The On-the-ground Fight!

Generation Onward is the conservative millennial based network geared on changing politics through edge cutting philosophies. They are in the process of working to get 501c3 non-profit status. The organization’s mission is to promote, educate and engage the politically inactive population on the importance of America’s founding principles and fundamental values as it necessitates a truly fair and representative government.

When asked for a quote about Generation Onward Fournier had this to say:

“We knew that our passion and dedication could be used to better college campuses and help create a voice for young millennials who might feel as if their voice was lost on campus.”

Question and Answer:

During an interview with Ryan Fournier, Founder, and Executive Director I got some key questions answered:

  • What are you hoping to achieve?- Millennials engaging in real activism and making real change. None of this “photoshoot” activism. Votes are not gained through that. We need to get millennials on the ground; door knocking, phone banking, signing petitions and contacting Congress – We plan to do this.
  • Where does the name Generation Onward come from?- It was inspired after the election. We are the generation that helped get Donald Trump elected. We were a part of something so large and so historic. We need to continue to move onward and promote true values that represent what makes our country great.
  • Is Generation Onward a Conservative non-profit?- I would not consider it to be a ‘Conservative Non-profit’ – If a Democrat or Libertarian or Republican believes in our values, then they are more than welcome to join us. We are not going to be biased or subjective to other views. The only way for this country to move forward, it to accept debate, discussion and be psychologically open-minded to other ideas and opinions.
  • Will this organization have chapters / local organizations?- It will. We plan to slowly expand our efforts across the United States, creating a stronghold on college campuses.
  • Are you partnering with any other organizations?- Not as of this moment, but organizations that promote activism and teach it are in my mind for future partnerships.
Generation Onward Leadership:

Founder and Executive Director Ryan Fournier is the former national chairman at Students 4 Trump, an organization that supported young adults who were fighting to get now President Donald Trump elected. During his time at Students 4 Trump, he led thousands of people in the grassroots activism behind the Trump campaign. When he was in high school he was the Battalion Commander for his Army Junior ROTC unit. As the commander, he ran a unit of students supporting the military’s core values. Fournier is currently attending Campbell University studying Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law.

“An honor. To be able to travel the country and meet like-minded millennials was not only refreshing, but inspiring – Especially when some of these millennials were first time voters, both passionate and dedicated to helping get Donald Trump elected. To be able to say that I contributed to this movement and helped Donald Trump win the election, it is extremely humbling.”

– Fournier on his time leading Students 4 Trump


Generation Onward is an organization that will change modern-day politics. They have grave leadership and tool on their side leading the fight to activism.