Antonia Okafor: The Woman with a Dream for the EmPOWERed

If you’re involved with the modern day conservative movement, you’ve likely heard the name, Antonia Okafor. Okafor is a Conservative, a partner of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a journalist for the Independent Journal Review, and most notably, a staunch advocate for women.

Okafor first got her fame from the NRA, when they produced her I Didn’t Listen commercial (shown below). Now, she speaks on behalf of NRA supporters and women nationwide. She even joined the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, engaging in a panel called Armed and Fabulous: The New Normal, alongside other NRA advocates Kimberly Corban, Ashlee Lundvall, and Kristi McMains.

Being a member of the NRA, Okafor vehemently defends the second amendment in general, but also, the right for students [notably women] to carry on college campuses. When you hear Okafor tell her story, she speaks of a young, Conservative black woman who advocates for the right to bear arms – something normally unheard of, especially with today’s political culture constantly working against her.  So as a Conservative, a gun advocate, and a minority, it’s easy to see how she has built a legacy that many women look up to.

About a year ago, a group of female college students set up a meeting with Ginny Simone, a journalist at the National Rifle Association. It was then that Antonia Okafor (former Southwest Regional Director of Students for Concealed Carry), Joanna Rodriguez of Turning Point USA, and Lydia Longoria (a recent graduate of Texas Christian University), decided to start EmPOWERed.

EmPOWERed was formed for the purpose of empowering women on college campuses who wish to utilize their second amendment rights. Since its’ formation, the group has worked diligently to begin their outreach on college campuses, making sure young women are educated on firearms and are adequately trained to defend themselves. The organization is currently working on gaining 501(c)3 status from the IRS. You can donate to their fund here.

Their mission statement?

“EmPOWERed seeks to unite women on college campuses who support owning and carrying firearms for self-defense purposes. It provides a community of women on campus to encourage and inspire one another to seek part of their empowerment from regular self-defense training with and without a firearm.”

What Okafor has to say about EmPOWERed…

“EmPOWERed is what I wish I had while in college. It is what I wish I could have partnered with while I was the Southwest Regional Director of Students for Concealed Carry. There are a plethora of feminist organizations that convince women that firearms have no place on campus and more importantly in the topic of self-defense. EmPOWERed women seek to prove them wrong. One thing that EmPOWERed seeks to be bold in is on the topic of sexual assaults on college campuses. Other gun groups tend to shy away from it. But it’s a reality.

When I attended Turning Point USA’s Young Women Leadership Summit last year that was made evident to me. There are many women who are hurting from being sexually assaulted. If just one woman is able to defend herself against an attacker, isn’t it all worth it? It’s time that we pro-second amendment women be bold and take back the narrative from anti-gun feminists and show what real female empowerment looks like.”

What students who stand behind Okafor and EmPOWERed have to say…

“Antonia Okafor was an essential part of me being able to carry on campus. Because of her work, I can confidently walk across campus at any hour without fear that I will be a victim.”

-Myah Baeza, Tarleton State University, Turning Point USA Chapter President

“Antonia has inspired me to not only work on getting my concealed carry license the day I turn 21, but also, to advocate for concealed carry on campus. Her activism and courage is highly commendable!

-Rachel Farmer, Contributor, Future Female Leader

“Antonia is an incredible mentor to me and many other young ladies who have previously felt we didn’t have a voice in the world of 2A legislation, especially in the realm of college campuses. It’s incredible, but I’ve recently learned that even if a professor supports the campus carry movement, if they voice that support they could lose their job and credibility in academia. Antonia leads the charge for us students, professors and visitors to college campuses in the fight to exercise our rights to defend ourselves from predators who roam among us each and every day. I’m extremely grateful for her leadership and guidance!”

-Rachel Freehill, Inaugural Chapter President, EmPOWERed, University of North Texas



Okafor is creating a legacy that she can pass along to women all across the country. She is a leader and is well liked among peers.