Anti-News Coverage and Political Violence

The “Anti-Fa” movement (short for “Anti-Fascist”) has been in the news a lot lately for their protesting, rioting, and attacks on various people deemed “alt-right”. The narrative being presented in media coverage concerning this movement varies from outlet to outlet. Some in favor or at least apologetic, while others are very critical.

A Salon article published last week referred American conservatism as being in the middle of a “transformation from a shopworn, Cold War, anti-government philosophy into something else.” The article continues with “The rise of the alt-right and white nationalism within the U.S. is something the mainstream left doesn’t take seriously enough, they (Antifa) say, even as many Democrats compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.”

Ameil Joseph, professor of social work at McMaster University, dedicates his studies to the topics of race and activism. In a recent interview on CTV’s Your Morning, he laid out what he sees as the basic ideology of the so-called “anti-fascist” movement:

“There is the belief that the left hasn’t done enough to fight fascism, corruption, widespread centralized executive ordering and that a more radical approach is necessary.”

Like the Salon article, Joseph also mentions that this movement has its roots in the 1930’s when radicals took a “paramilitary approach” to combat against Nazism. However, from a standpoint of condemnation. He goes on to discuss the similar tactics which were used by the Black Panthers during the civil rights era, and today can be found in groups such as Black Lives Matter and those participating in the indigenous protests against the Dakota pipeline.

Ben Shapiro, editor in chief at The Daily Wire, host of The Ben Shapiro Show, and graduate of both UCLA and Harvard Law School, published an article a few days ago in the Conservative Review about how he feels that we’re on a dangerous road to the normalization of political violence. Briefly discussing the feud between the communists and the Nazi brown shirts, who would incite violence against one another to the point where people were killed, martyrs were created, and the situations used to draw supporters to their cause. Sound familiar?

When Richard Spencer was sucker punched in Washington, D.C. not long ago, many media outlets began to ask whether this is acceptable behavior or not. Sadly, many Americans seem to agree that it is.

As Ben Shapiro states in the same article:

“Here’s the problem: Once we start punching one another, there are only two ways such violence ends. First, an overarching powerful government could step in to stop the violence, to the cheers of the group represented by it. Second, one of the sides could literally club the other into submission. Both solutions are anti-American and frightening.”

Not only is there violence associated with this movement, but also plenty of vandalism. We can’t forget about the infamous incident at Berkeley awhile back when a Milo Yiannopoulos speech was interrupted by an angry mob of protesters outside. Over $100,000 in damage was caused to the University, people were physically attacked and at least six injured, fireworks and rocks were thrown at police, fires were started, and windows were smashed.

Sargon of Akkad did some in-depth work on this on his YouTube channel back in February, where he called out outlets such as the Guardian for refusing to condemn the violence towards people like Spencer, and even going as far as to deem it “a cathartic moment for many.” He goes on to refer to the leftists in support of this movement as “useful idiots who will end up getting taken out back and shot by the actual communists” once the revolution is over.

There has also been the modern equivalent to witch hunts against certain individuals. One example of someone I know personally is Regis University student from Denver, CO, Alexander Beck. He purchased the domain name for the purpose of trolling these hard left agitators by creating a satirical website to bring attention to the absurdity and hypocrisy of the “Anti-Fascist” movement in a comedic way. Beck also created a satirical twitter account to go along with the site that received around 153,000 impressions before the end of the first day. Campus Reform reported that this apparently lead to his parents’ property being vandalized with “ANTIFA” spray painted on the side of a trailer of theirs.

It’s Going Down is a website who describes themselves as “a media platform for the revolutionary anarchist, anti-fascist, and autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.” They have accused Beck of “leading the charge in the Alt-Right in doing Antifa” and that he “used his website to gather information on people and then released the information.” Vocativ is another outlet that claimed Beck collected information. He responded to the vocative reporter who asked him about this by denying the allegations and asking where this information is even coming from. Not surprisingly, she said her information came from a tweet of his that said nothing of the sort. To which, he responded by referring to her as “a little dense” and saying “I’m done talking to you. You’re fake news.”

Regardless of political ideology or party affiliation, we should always condemn acts of violence and vandalism against anyone. Whether it is coming from the hard left or the alt-right, it is equally unacceptable. Right now, it is obvious that the radical left-wing are the culprits committing these acts on the basis that they feel victimized by ideas they don’t like, and that these ideas will lead to violence. The old ‘ends justify the means’ argument. Ironically, they have come to embody everything they claim to be fighting against.

If you want us to devolve into barbarism, just keep it up.