Donald Trump Jr. and Senator Ted Cruz Address Dallas County Republicans

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, the Republican Party of Dallas County held their annual Regan Dinner to raise funds for their party. The program opened with the Baylor University Air Force ROTC presenting the colors, Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson saying the prayer, and finally young children leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Following the opening ceremony and remarks from Chairman Phillip Huffines, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick was introduced. Lt. Gov. Patrick vowed to pass many important bills this legislative session. He specifically addressed property tax and school choice legislation. He briefly touched on Governor Greg Abbott’s request to ban sanctuary cities across the state which he plans to discuss with urgency in the upcoming state session. After his speech, he introduced First Son Donald Trump Jr. This was Donald Trump Jr.’s first public appearance since the election. During his speech, he made it a point to thank the people of Texas for their help with fundraising in the last election, stating, “We raised more money in Texas than we did in New York and California combined.” The Donald Jr. acknowledged Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA, and the work they did as a part of the last election cycle. He referred to himself as an “honorary Texan” and said that he misses the campaign trail. Finally, he noted that his father, President Donald Trump is the first politician to take action and follow through with their promises so soon after being elected. At the end of the night, keynote speaker Senator Ted Cruz was introduced to the podium. Senator Cruz spoke with a great passion saying, “this election was a mandate for change”. Senator Cruz addressed the success of having a Republican-controlled Congress, noting the Presidential Cabinet and Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice. He spoke of his concerns about the media, and about President Trump’s first 50 days in office. Senator Cruz stuck around after the event concluded to talk to his constituents and take photos with them. Both spoke with grave passion, talking about fundraising, legislative affairs, and The Trump Administration. Notable people in attendance included Congressman Michael Burgess of Denton, Pete Sessions, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and Antonia Okafor, NRA spokeswoman and Founder of Empowered. The night featured tradition and humor, hosted by Ben Ferguson, whom during his opening speech, made a joke about Hillary Clinton and being a “deplorable”. Mr. Ferguson also took a selfie with Donald Trump Jr., Senator Cruz, and the entire group of 1000 Republicans in attendance. And of course, there were around 100 protestors outside when the event began, protesting everything from President Trump’s travel ban, to his new healthcare plan. The number of protestors diminished as time went on, however, they did receive media attention from the local Fox and NBC news stations. But protestors’ acts were failed, yet again. The gala raised $500,000 total. The night ended with elegance and pride for The Dallas Country Republicans as their voices were heard, and immense support was shown.