Why the Hell is Everything Political?


To most people in America, Monday through Friday is long and hard. A single mother balances taking care of her kids, and working full-time. By the time the weekend comes around she like most people needs something to get away from all of life’s worries.

Of course, life’s worries will never escape her, but she can do some things to relax. Maybe even check her Facebook to see what her friends are up to. Well, that relaxing moment of going on social media turns ugly as her friends and family post their political opinions and debate each other. The comment sections are ugly, and people spew their hatred towards people they disagree with. So, she decides to escape it, because of how ugly it is.

So, Sunday comes along and like most people she wants to watch Football, and guess what players are kneeling during the national anthem. The media blows up the situation, and now NFL Sunday is political.

The Oscar’s are on and she really enjoys listening to her favorite actors/actresses, because they are an inspiration to her. A sign of success. And boy does she love watching movies. An actor wins an award, and instead of giving a motivational speech or thanking their parents for their success, the actor goes on a rant about how Trump is Hitler.

Honestly, she needs a break from politics. She needs a break from the hatred, and what divides us. So, like most people she becomes bitter about the whole political process. And doesn’t want to talk about it, because it’s overwhelming and it’s everywhere.

Yes, this was a fiction story about a nameless single mother, but that doesn’t mean the story doesn’t have truth to it.

Image result for colin kaepernick kneeling for national anthem

(South Park Making fun of Colin Kaepernick kneeling… From Comedy Central)

Age Of Social Media

In this new age of social media, everything is political, and some expect it to be political. If you don’t force your views into events that have nothing to do with politics, then to some you’re failing to do your job in fighting against tyranny.

Journalists, and people like me are guilty of bringing politics into everything. We have turned sports and entertainment into hostile environments, and it hurts us more than we can ever imagine, because guess what? Not everything is meant to be political.

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about a certain political issue, or being passionate about everything related to politics, but sometimes we all need a break.

This country has become divided. And it’s in part due to the nonstop news cycle that not only makes its way on our T.V screens, but is also on our computer screen, social media pages, and just about on everything we touch. It’s just too much information for people to handle.

Technology has come so far in such a short time that people are having a difficult time keeping pace with it. There’s more information being released than people’s brains can take.

Our Echo Chambers

People end up not accepting new information they disagree with, they scroll through Facebook only liking pages that align with their views; which creates an echo chamber.

It’s good to have a society that cares about the well-being of others. It’s good for people of status to use their stage to promote good causes. But the problem is they have become negative, and people now only care about certain groups instead of the individual.

When things get political. Things get nasty. There is a fine line between caring about your fellow-man, and trying to get ahead of others in a race to see which political beliefs win and lose. Because if we focus too much on political winners/losers, we will all lose. And we have already felt the effects of a divided country.

Maybe somethings are not meant to be political. Movies and entertainment should be a bright spot where we remember that we really aren’t that different from each other.

Football brings people together by having the same love for the same great sport, but when players decide that their political opinions are important, people begin to fight. It doesn’t start a conversation it begins an argument. Even when sports got ‘political’ in the past, it wasn’t used to divide people but to bring people together.

Politics just like entertainment, and sports has its place in society. As Americans we should care about the direction this country is going in, but we shouldn’t be apart of this constant news cycle that generates negativity that divides us. A news cycle that only reports on every bad thing that happens. When in reality there is so much good, and we are lucky to live in this beautiful country.

 Despite what the media might have you believe, almost every person wants this country to do more, and be better, we just all have different opinions on how to get there. We should find ways to bring each other closer. Politics is just not it.

So, if you’re like me and you’re extremely passionate about politics, just take a break. See that person who disagrees with you as a complex human being who has the same problems, fears, and anxieties that you have.

Start a conversation with them, but let it be about something different. Let’s try to be different.

Everything doesn’t have to be political.