Social Justice Warriors are Authoritarians disguised as Tolerant Liberals

“Social justice warriors“, commonly members of the Left, are not resistance fighters fighting against a tyrannical state, nor are they “tolerant liberals” who want to defend minorities against the privileged class. Instead, they are tyrants who only want one point of view to exist – any different idea is, to them, bigoted, wrong and therefore intolerable.

There is a league of college students (including myself) who are fighting back against these “social justice warriors” (SJW’s). The goal of the SJW is to turn college into a place where certain ideas are forbidden; echo chambers, where they protect people from speech they don’t like.

It’s never okay to riot over someone being “offensive” – burning cars and beating people up for their beliefs is not the way to fight back against “hateful” ideologies (they aren’t hateful).

There is real hate, and real racism in this country, however, and there is no doubt about it. But when SJW’s claim people who are not hateful, like Milo Yiannopoulos, are racist, they are giving a pass to real racists to say whatever they want. The word “racist” has little to no meaning when it’s so easily thrown around to people who are clearly not racist.

Words like bigot, homophobe, sexist, fascist, and misogynist have lost all meaning, because at least half of Americans are stigmatized as members of these groups every single day.

Who are the real Fascists?

Even when they think they are doing the right thing, perhaps by punching a Nazi in the face, they are only proving they are the fascists. Yes, the guy who was punched in the face is not a good guy, but he deserves the right to have his views heard. Punching him in the face made him, his supporters, and their terrible ideas look more valid by claiming the moral high ground, because they weren’t the ones who acted with violence. It was the SJW who threw the punch, looking and acting like a fascist.

On a side note, the word fascist has no meaning, because no one can define it, and the people who are so called anti-fascists are shutting ideas down with violence, burning books, and defending their violence. Which sounds and looks a lot like fascism historically speaking.

According, to a pew research poll 40% of millennial’s are okay with limiting speech offensive to minorities. This is scary. Even if the speech is offensive the government shouldn’t be allowed to stop it.

The threat to Free Speech

Free speech is not a right given to us by our government; the rights written into the constitution are rights that are given to us because of our humanity, and from our creator. Free speech is not debatable, no one can take this god given right from us.

The 40% of millennial’s who are willing to limit a God-given right in the name of protecting feelings, are not liberals. They are Authoritarians.

Authoritarians want to tell you what to think – real liberals want you to decipher the information on your own. The only way to move this country forward is through big discussions.

SJW’s don’t want conversations. If you’re pro-life, they label you as someone who hates women. If you don’t like Black Lives Matter you’re labeled a racist, and if you’re a conservative – the list of derogatory names you’re labeled goes on and on and on.  

So, if you’re trying to limit other people because you disagree with them, then you’re an authoritarian. If you want to discuss ideas in a democratic way, then you’re a cultural libertarian.

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(Image Via South Park-Comedy Central)

Bad ideas should see the light of day, because if ideas are truly bad then people won’t accept them. Debating ideas with logic and reason allows good ideas to shine, while debating with emotions and fear gives the bad ideas reason to flourish in the dark.

Emotions or logic?

In the real world, people don’t care about your feelings, and no one should care about your feelings. The world revolves around ideas, hard work, and character. No one usually gives a crap if you’re offended or not.

We need individuals who are willing to think for themselves – people who make decisions based on logic, not emotions. Innovation comes from the mind. The creation of this country came from a group of people who opened their minds, and logically deliberated when constructing the constitution. They listened and used logic to write that grand masterpiece.

Emotions are not inherently a bad thing. Sometimes being emotional is okay, and falling in love is something that is completely normal. However, emotions become regressive, when they are placed as being more important than big ideas. When college students decide to protest speakers from going to universities because they’re too offensive – the college then becomes an echo chamber and freedom of speech becomes limited or even dead.

College is a place where new ideas enter your mind. It is a place where people feel uncomfortable; all beliefs/ideas should be challenged

Campuses shouldn’t feel like home. They should feel like college campuses; a place where you’re challenged philosophically.

A place where people you would not otherwise support will speak to you.
A place where you’ll hear ‘hate’ speech, and you’ll debate with people you fundamentally disagree with.

The solution to fighting against tyrants is not by shutting them up, but instead by allowing discourse to occur, because they can’t stand free speech. Tyrants can’t stand it when people don’t think like them, they want conformity. They don’t want free expression, and they don’t care about ideas. Big ideas are not where their beliefs come from, instead emotions drive tyrants to do what they do.

Now think of the modern-day Social Justice Warrior, and think about the supposed tyrant they are fighting against (the Trump administration, Milo, and conservatives in general), now who sounds more authoritarian?