Not Even Metal is Safe From “Anti-Fascist” Terrorists

Swedish extreme metal legends, Marduk, recently kicked off their first U.S. tour in several years. Only to be met by the rage of the “Anti-fascist” crowd for their “known white supremacist ties.” Apparently, Antifa didn’t get the memo about the fact that extreme heavy metal is often meant to reflect the most morbid aspects of humanity and life in general.

Anti-Fascist Action of the Bay Area recently posted on their Facebook page insisting that it is “a huge insult for all affected communities to allow a “crypto”-Nazi band like Marduk with known white supremacist ties to come to town and profit off of their glorification of Nazis.” In this same post, they also encouraged their supporters to “demand Oakland Metro to cancel the show and in the event that the venue refuses, come together as a community to shut it down.”

What do they mean by “shut it down”, exactly? They mention “Breitbart’s neo-Nazi troll Milo Yiannopoulos” (who, ironically, happens to be a Jew) in this same post in a way that prides themselves on having him being “met with resistance.” Is the intention to cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage to public property, physically attack people, smash out windows, shoot fireworks at people, and throw rocks at police like they did at UC Berkeley to shut down Milo’s speech? How is this productive, again?

They also mentioned Marduk’s 2015 album, Frontschwein, being “entirely about the Third Reich.” First of all, the German term “Frontschwein” translates to “frontline soldier”. It has broader applications and can even apply to military nurses who serve on the front lines. While it is true that it is a World War II themed album,, heavy metal music has a long track record of having lyrics about things such as war, genocide, blood and gore, and just about everything else horrific under the sun that you can think of. Haven’t they ever heard a Cannibal Corpse song? It’s a concept about as new to metal as Black Sabbath. Which have been around for more than four decades now.

Even if we accept the premise that this band is a bunch of “neo-Nazis”, they’re playing music. It is highly unlikely that a musical performance will lead to a genocide, and attempting to repeat the events of UC Berkeley not long ago would fall under the category of “terrorism.” Which makes them the bad guys.

Marduk is set to perform in Oakland, CA on February 18th. Will they succeed at shutting down the event? When it comes to the likes of these cowards vs. a group of metalheads, I would place my bets on the latter.