Dear Celebrities, Your Opinions Don’t Matter

Last week the Screen Actors Guild held the 23rd Annual SAG Awards. Of course, it wouldn’t be an award show without a celebrity providing political insight no one asked for. Ashton Kutcher clearly got the memo. He began his opening monologue by welcoming viewers, including “everyone in airports that belong in [his] America,” as a response to Trump’s immigration ban. Despite this, it’s highly unlikely the Congress went to work to overturn the order at the behest of Ashton Kutcher. Here are three examples of celebrities who need a reality check:

Amy Schumer

Us Weekly

Schumer is a crass female comedian and writer of the literary classic “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.” She has also taken it upon herself to become a political commentator. Criticism of Donald Trump has made its way into her comedy routines, resulting in irritated fans booing and walking out during a show in Tampa this past October.

Following this event, she penned a letter to Tampa which she read aloud during another show. She facetiously apologized for her fans not wanting “a comedian who talks about what she believes in.” That’s just it. People don’t want comedians who talk about what they believe in. Schumer is yet to realize people seek her form of entertainment to escape from politics, not to be lectured on them.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has become Hollywood’s champion for climate change over the last several years. Last year he took advantage of his long-awaited Oscar to make a speech about global warming where he stated, “Climate change is real, it is happening right now…” As if people have never heard of it. I remember a time when the Oscars was a platform for celebrating theatrical arts and talent. Now it is a place for celebrities to get up on their soapbox and preach.

In 2014, DiCaprio attended a climate summit at the UN with a Revenant-style man bun and beard. He delivered an emotional speech on the nature of global warming and humanity’s responsibility to stop it. My question is, why is Leonardo Dicaprio an authority on climate change? He’s not a scientist, he’s an actor. If the polar ice caps ever stop melting, it won’t be because of Leonardo DiCaprio’s profound influence.

Katy Perry


At last year’s Democratic National Convention, Katy Perry sang in support of Hillary Clinton, which was clearly very effective. She even participated in a grassroots-esque activity, going door to door at a college dorm, encouraging students to vote for Clinton. Apparently, Clinton was under the impression that Katy Perry could be the key to “getting with the kids.” Thusly, Perry is yet another celebrity with an inflated sense of political importance and impact.

Like DiCaprio, she is not an expert in the field of political science. For some reason, the left has determined that she is a valuable political voice. However, she is better suited to lying naked in pink clouds.

Too many celebrities believe that their fame gives them an obligation to express their beliefs for “the greater good.” Perhaps the voicing of their opinion can influence the public’s viewpoint, at least in their minds. In actuality, the majority of Americans aren’t swayed by the urgings of Katy Perry, or anyone else in Hollywood for that matter. They appreciate artists for just that – art. Celebrities would do well to take the advice of Reba McEntire who recently said, “They have paid their hard-earned money to come in their and fill a seat… I am there to entertain them… so I’m not going to give them my political views.”